So you lowered micro transactions

Ok so you guys informed us today that you will be lowering the cost of iron for the items in the store but you failed to mention that you would be adding a tax to the iron that we buy in the store! This is still cheating your community who a majority felt were getting ripped off to begin with. I wonder how you sleep with yourselves at night lmao. You guys really thought you were that slick huh that nobody would notice this lol good job TC!!!

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Actually do you reside in Arizona or Texas by chance?

anything you buy from a company in the USA has sales tax

Not entirely true, which is why I asked his state. Online sales have not been required to collect state sales tax unless a physical nexus existed in that state. However the supreme court recently overruled that and now states are opting to collect sales tax from online sales. Texas and Arizona’s enforcement took effect today which may be why they are seeing tax now.

Nah, just you,

Ive always paid sales tax when making purchases from Microsoft

Me also, but that’s not the case everywhere I live in a very greedy state that would tax for air if they could find a way to do it. There are a lot of states that companies were able to skirt that for awhile. Also keep in mind if you so much as have a microsoft retail store in your state that counts as a physical nexus in the state so then they would have to charge it anyway.

you learn something new everyday

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eBay sent me an email last night that 11 new states have adopted internet sales tax as of October, bringing it a total of 34 states in the US to collect sales tax. This would increase the cost of buying a toy from me (as a seller of toys on eBay), but the money isn’t coming to me.

I suppose it’s the same with micro transactions in Gears 5.?

You’re a fool to buy the ■■■■ in the first place, it’s a trap system to lure the 5% into spending, along with the boost system.

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