So... you can be jack as other classes and vice versa now (glitch)

So it seems like the most recent patch introduced a bug where the logic to force you onto or off of jack as you cycle into or out of his class in horde doesn’t always fire if you’re quick switching classes using the bumpers or key equivalent.

Basically, you go to a class near jack and then using the shortcut quickly switch to him if you want to try and be the Jack class as a different character, or if you want to try to be Jack as a different class, do the same thing but make sure you pass the jack class in the process. What you hope is that when you hit the Jack class it switches you to the Jack character but when when you hit the next class the character doesn’t switch back. So far I’ve only been able to have the character Jack be Mechanic and Combat medic since they are directly adjacent to the Jack class, but with enough trial and error maybe you can get further up/down the list.

It’s not the most playable, as when you’re the Jack character as other classes you get their primary weapons only and switch between them and fire them with RT/M2 and LT/M1 just like as if you were jack, but you can’t force reloads or get actives. Obviously there is no crosshair either. Interestingly your ult is still hi-jack despite what the game shows and the cooldown isn’t shown even after using it, though it does go on cooldown. You do have infinite ammo as the Jack character though.

As for switching the other way, you spawn with no weapons and have a strange (probably unused for most of the game, other than campaign, I forget) fast walk/jog, can’t melee or roll, and some behaviors are really glitchy on the client side. You can still pickup weapons which then restores rolling and the proper run.

So not the most useful thing but definitely hilarious.



Its more of an oversight with how you can select a character and class, besides it offers no form of advantages unless you wanna level up the Jack class with humanoid character, even then you’ll be bugged and unable to buy stuff from the fabricator or use your ultimate.

I really want to play Jack with a Lancer and chainsaw s**t. Or fly around with a Gnasher.

When Jack using the Lancer he can’t chainsaw the enemy.

I know. This sucks and I want TC to change it.

Can Jack still go in and out of cloak? (It’s tough to tell in the picture because of Tac Com) or has that disabled while doing this?

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Yes you can. Attacking undoes it as usual.

This bug has already existed before this patch.
When I had met Captain HoffMarcus first time in my Horde life I also met a Pilot Jack.

I like jacking as all classes