So would duel queue limit ruin Gears? [Core]

My friend told me that in League of Legends you’re only allowed to queue up with 2 people max in matches unlike gears if war ranked which allows you to 5 man rank. Excuse me if i’m wrong about that league statement, I’ve done little to no research on that aspect of the game but I do know that League is successful, So borrowing ideas couldn’t hurt.

My question is would allowing only 2 people to “core” rank match search hurt the games balance? It seems like majority of the community enjoys 5 man over low man, Not to mention that the eSports teams are based off of 5v5 (but that’s in a competitive retrospective).

Do you think limited players in Core/Regular ranked would be for the better or worse?
imo I think it’d be nice to stand a better chance alone but I’d still get pounded like pizza dough so who am I kidding?

A good idea I thought of is making a solo playlist, But yes it would hurt the player base a lot if it’s for every single game mode.
So what they could do, Is make the current playlists playable at any time. But make 1 playlist for solo players and it rotates every single week, So like the first week is an escalation solo playlist, If the solo player doesn’t like that game mode they could play one of the current playlists or wait for the next week so it doesn’t hurt the player base that much.
I think this idea would be perfect but I would like to see some thoughts about it :smile: