So with seeing the hammer of dawn brought in and the announcement of a new ip coming before gears 6 does this mean we will get gears 2 remastered while we wait?

Every one in the gears community is always talking about gears 2 maps and the hammer of dawn. Both things we have been lacking greatly not only in gears 5 but in 4 as well. I think many will agree that if we have too wait 2 years for new content we should at the very least get remastered content while we wait. In my opinion the best bet is that it is just a gears 5 expansion with all the gears 2 stuff in it. That way ya’ll can keep making your money and we will all be happy while we wait for the new ip to be established

There hasn’t been any announcement of a new IP, nor that it would be coming before gears 6.

The only reference to a new IP was a single dev saying it on his linkedin profile, which could refer to Gears 6 as it hasnt been announced yet.


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Gears 2 remaster is > Gears 6 releasing in less than 2 years.

A Gears collection would be good. Gears 4 tuning for all.

Gears 2 ultimate edition would at least provide a couple years break.

Wouldn’t gears 2 use more of a gears 5 tuning though?

To keep it more accurate to gears 2s movement?

Give me the G2 Mortar and I’ll be a very happy Gear. I was the master of indirect fire back in the day. That, along with all of the awesome maps, Jacinto, Mansion, Day One, Fuel Station, etc would be sweet, but sadly, seriously doubt it’ll ever happen. Ooo, almost forgot the legendary Boomshield!


I’m under expectation either they release the new IP or remastered game, just make sure they don’t mess up at launch with ton of bugs ruining the old memories Epic had given to me.

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