So will the Scions never gain their buffing ability?

Considering that Bastions mainly shield non-Drone enemies, I don’t think that really applies. And while I’m at it, I remember back in the day Octus(before he left) when prompted on this exact subject answered as if he thought it was in the game, when it clearly wasn’t, during a livestream. Go figure.

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Well… Guess that explains quite bit.

This ■■■■ can remain in the dumpsterfire that is 4. As if Boomshot Scions weren’t bad enough already. Imagine Elite Drones and Cyclops hitting even harder while you’re running around on the field. Wasn’t fun in 4 and certainly wouldn’t be fun with all the changes in 5.

I could live with Scions reviving fallen Drones without the buffs as it would create an opening to bonk them ( that is if they don’t ignore the animation and shoot you regardless - see Ice/Salvo Scions while stunned ).

I think the revival animation from Scions alone is a good opportunity to bonk them. It’s quite lengthy if you check out that video I linked. The animation of drones getting stronger is a bit short though so you might suffer head injuries depending on the Drone.

I think most CQC could still 2 shot them though unless there’s a stim modifier. God I HATE stim modifiers.

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I could live with a healthbuff - damage buff would be terrible though. They already deal enough damage as is.

You mean the one that gives them 2 seconds invulnerability? Yeah, that one is pretty pathetic.

I’m positive if tc could forget they make gears games they would.


I would be down for damage buffs if it meant nerfing their base damage and THEN the Scion buff brings them to what they currently are. But further than the current damage? Yeah agreed, no thanks.

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It revived them and increased their defenses as well as damage output.

The drones that were buffed had a glowing effect going on with their bodies, a small thing to notice but I think it’s cool.

it would heal them and give them active reload rounds in gears 4 so it did something