So will the hit detection ever be fixed with this game?

Hi everyone,

I am not trolling or throwing hate towards TC for the game. I LOVE gears and have loved the games since Gears 1. I know this has been talked about to death but I am getting sick of being in matches where I get 98 or 99% damage on people only for them to blow me away in one shot. I don’t know if it’s just gnasher hit detection glitches or just host advantage. I know gears multiplayer has always had BS ( it’s kinda part of the charm at this point) but it’s beyond ridiculous now. I honestly just think host advantage never left the series… Here we are at gears 5 and I sometimes think this is gears 2 lol.


No host advantage.

99% isn’t 100% - therefore, close but not cigar. Happens to everyone.


Yea I am not convinced there isn’t host. I gotten ONE SHOT downed after spawning from some guy who got 98% damage on me. But I shot guys and get 98-99% damage and they just eat it and blow me away. That has to be host advantage.

Well that’s fine if you believe that.

I’m simply stating what has been confirmed.


Gnashers are miniture slot machines that randomly decide whether to insta down/gib or 99% based on a number of factors such as ping etc.


Hopefully gears 6 everything will be fixed

Well it’s mad how they got it so right on gears 4 yet they’ve messed about with it no end on gears 5.


Have you ever considered that you missed your shots before?

Not that 5 has a great tuning or anything but sometimes it is actually your fault :sweat_smile:

To be fair I only got my xbox one like half way through OP 7 so I wouldn’t know about gears 4 multiplayer. Apparently Gears 4 had lot of free lance devs so maybe they knew what they were doing or something.

99% isn’t a miss. P sure you need to hit every pellet to 99%.

It is a miss lmao.

How can you miss if all pellets hit?

Did you consider range?

If you mean “miss the 100% shot” and not “miss your shot” then yes I have considered it.

Edit: I mentioned ping because as EU I’m almost always 100+ ping VS 50 ping max lol

Shotgun was just far more consistent and punishing (as it should be). Especially the comp tuning if I recall.

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Maybe you weren’t in range for a 100%

It sucks but it happens.

Comp tuning was like UE tuning I think, with the exception of the movement.

I never was into comp tuning but I’d totally prefer it over what we have now.

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Whether he is or isn’t 99%s are faaaaaar to common and infuriating.

I’d happily see a slight gib range increase to eliminate that constant crap.


I’m almost certain my ping makes a difference. Especially when there’s countless times I’ve point blank muzzle flashed and I still died with zero pellets firing.

I’m sure it does.