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So why do people quit, when the game is close?


(Omen LP) #1

Not so much a rant, but actually curious if anyone knows the logic here…

Two games in a row, last night… (KOTH)

We lose the first round (but it’s very close, sweaty)

We win the second round (but it’s very close, sweaty)

At the very end of round2 or start of round3, members of their team quit.

WHY??? they were both very good games, tight, evenly matched, sweaty. FUN!

And they leave… Just because we leveled the game??

I don’t understand it…

(xFribbo) #2

Probably think because it was so close they didn’t want to lose, yet if they stayed they could’ve won, I know it annoying but even if they did quit it makes it easier for you and your % gain won’t be affected due to it.

Perhaps they quit because they thought they were gonna lose, which I also don’t understand why people do it but they do :joy: Just report them lol


Don’t rule out losing connection too. I know they can come back into the game still but it may take a while for some. Two times in a row though? I get what you are saying. Was it the same people or different players?

(xFribbo) #4

That’s true I didn’t think about that, but lately I’ve dealt with people who’ve been quitting multiple times we’ve played against them.

(GB6 Kazuya) #5

Too sweaty! They slipped out of the lobby.

(Omen LP) #6

I was the impression that if you bail on a game (or get lagged out), it still counts as a loss to you, regardless of what happens in the game… So by quitting they guarantee themselves a loss, don’t they?

Ok, maybe they are protecting their precious K/D, but I don’t think it helps their win/loss ratio… ?

True, true, but it was a little suspicious, in both cases right at that point where we came back, and in neither cases they reconnected (but there was lots of time: in 1 of the games, the remaining 4 players really stepped it up and gave us a good fight, even with only 4, so there was time to get back)…


I see what both of you are saying, and coming from a person who has had his connection drop at EXTREMELY bad times (right after we loose, I get tbagged, etc…) where it looks like I rage quit or whatever, but in reality, my network just got disconnected. That happened to me twice in a a single game, and I kept having to reply to angry messages from my teammates, assuring them that I was trying to rejoin. And then of course there’s other times that I can’t rejoin, or the game ended.

(Omen LP) #8

Yeah, that sucks… That fracking netcode of theirs…

(xHySt3rIa v2x) #9

Koth is awful probably why


How dare you sir!

(Omen LP) #11


But it happens in other modes too…

(AliceInChainsaw) #12

Well, last week, I know one opponent quit a ranked match to go play Gears 3…

I like to think that at the end of the first round of KOTH the neurons in their head started firing in the right order as they stared blankly at the screen and realized this wasn’t the Gears game they had intended to play.

Immediately quits to go play the right one

But alas, nah man… I have no idea why people quit mid match. They can’t be doing it to somehow better their ranking because that doesn’t make sense with the system. So that tells me that they don’t care about ranking. (so why play ranked!?.. I dunno)

Then you have disconnects or crashes in which the person also cannot rejoin the match and that sucks because they can’t help it and everyone still gets pissed at them for it because this is Gears and we obviously assume the worst at all times, lol. (Or they are playing at a videocafe and they ran out of coins for their timeslot on the wifi toaster)

Then you have an entire sea of 11 - 20ish year olds who will drop a match at the drop of a hat for whatever reason. (Bologna sandwich, dinner time, Mom’s pissed they didn’t vacuum and unplugged the xbox, doing something with friends, fartnite, bedtime, ragequit, spilled their 128oz bladder buster all over the console, etc, you name it)

Then there’s people that probably do not understand the ranking system and think they somehow save face by quitting early. It’s probable that they are also some of the same people that come to the forums and say “I won 20 games in a row and went down, wtf, this game broke, I should be D5 but stuck at Gold 3… jajajaja”

There’s people who absolutely cannot stand losing. This is compounded by the player base Gears has… so we all run into and experience this type of player pretty commonly. I’m going to smash open the can of worms here…

This isn’t me putting anyone down but outside of the US, some gaming communities are insanely toxic. (Yes, the US has their crappy game communities too, but it’s more the exception than it is the rule and this all of course varies in intensity depending on the game itself.)

I’m going to pick on South America just to keep this shorter. It is more prominent in this particular community than say… South Korea, for example.

There seems to be a gaming culture that strokes a huge ego (all failures are everyone else’s fault) mixed with a lot of bottled rage and ignorance that inevitably seeps out. Maybe because real life is pretty rough in some of those capital cities? Just a guess but I’d be willing to bet that other things are so crappy that they focus on whatever positive thing they have (let’s say, Gears) and then obsess over it. They identify so strongly with their teams or their own performance in games that it brings forth the worst in them and losing a round causes a knee-jerk ragequit.

Obviously not every player in South America is a jerk… but this is not just an unfair stereotype either. They have a very different attitude towards competitive gaming than most Americans, generally speaking.


One of the better posts I have read in a while.
Thank you.

(Omen LP) #14

Yes, very nice…

I can imagine people giving up when they are steamrolled over (lol, I was in few games like that, constant, spawn, run, die, repeat)… But these were good games, evenly matched, there was no indication that they were about to lose, just that it was a close, tight fight…

But yeah, maybe their mom unplagged their XBOX…

Let’s hope it wasn’t because a kid they were babysitting spilled OJ on the xbox:

(AliceInChainsaw) #15


Some people have absolute dumpster water for parents. That’s the only excuse for this.

(Omen LP) #16

Yeah, that was just bloody horrible… Stupid trailer trash…

(Me0wMix CatFood) #17

I’ve noticed this in KOTH. I’ll be 50pts from victory and someone starts idling. Same way when I’m losing and they’re teabagging and suddenly they lose a player and the tides turn.

(WrinklyHornet34) #18

Its possible they were players who want a smooth victory. I’ve played with and against these types of players where instead of enjoying or getting into a close match they lose their **** because they thought they were amazing and the possibility of losing was just not on the table so they quit. I’ve experienced this mostly in battlefield and gta online. I play to the end but sometimes I run into a player who claims to be pro or unbeatable and quits because the the match is to close to call and the other team is not being decimated. Of course connection problem could be the answer to this question but this is also a possibility.

(Omen LP) #19


I just LOVE those tough, back-and-forth sweaty games, where it goes to the final round…

Haha, we did a dodgeball game where the first FOUR rounds were stalemate! That got frustrating, though… but no one quit…

(We lost in the end)

(telekinetix) #20

I dont think its a matter of winning or loosing, i think its a matter of people feeling like they are being cheated, their shots rarely count damage and there opponents can shoot the wall turned around backwards, here is a clip of things i see before i notice people quiting out, in my opinion i dont blame them cause its a huge issue