So why are we changing the cover slip speed boost to 600 from 650?

Again, why? Isnt their new maps that need working on instead? We are 10 months post launch and we are still thinking people want slower gameplay? Again, what or whom is driving this and why? And what are we waiting on with the flashbang? Get the flash done instead of tinkering with movement again. Game feli t really good before this last update. Since the update, everything just seems, “off”. I.loaded into a free for all match that hadnt started. Once it did start I was spectating. It never loaded me into the match. Another match I loaded in holding an invisible weapon. It was gnasher only FFA. But, my gnasher was on my back and I was holding an air rifle. Couldnt do anything until I got killed. KOTH matches feel kinda unresponsive and laggy. I say just stop tinkering with gameplay and mechanics. It was great 1,week ago. Just my opinion though.

I think the slowdown is made to properly display some animations, but I can be wrong. Reason was mentioned in one of developers stream with Jamie. I don’t watch them cause they are too late in my time zone.

TC is not changing cover speed. They put it in beta test to get feed back if players wanted the slower movement. If you try it and don’t like it leave your feed back in the beta test feedback thread.