So which Gears of War game is the one where the Gnasher works?

This is a genuine question and I’d like to hear what people say.

The reason I ask this is because I hear statements all the time about connection, netcode, gnasher tuning and such but when I think back at these type of complaints it goes all the way back to Gears 3 for me, an entirely different company.

So at what point was the Gnasher ever good? At this point I’m just under the impression this is just how Gears of War plays. It looks and feels inconsistent at times but I legit think that’s just the best the game can do for this kind of combat. Also it’s not like everyone isn’t going through the same crap. I’ve played with buddies in custom that’ll tell me after a kill that I was 99% in one shot and would have never guessed lol.

tl;dr this complaining about the game being broke has gone on since the dawn of time so which title is the least broken/most consistent?

No one likes dying in Gears so sometimes its hard to accept an L which is another thing I think people fabricate as the game not working. I’m not saying the game isn’t broken I’m just making an observation here…

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Gears 6 will be “the one” :wink:
I thought UE was pretty good, especially out of roadie-run.

I play 3,4 and 5 (ranked modes)several times a week, on that basis I’m going to say 4’s is the most consistent.


Gears 4 comp was probably the most consistent. I really liked UE’s Gnasher too, but I’m too nostalgic about UE so I don’t dare say if it was the best or not lol.

I would pick Gears UE. I can’t recall Gears 4’s comp tuning but people love it so maybe that Gnasher is the pick.

I think part of the problem is TC started giving players too much information. I miss the days of just using visual and audio feedback if we put our opponent into full red.

Gears 2 after TU6, worked perfectly.

It had pure client-side hit detection, a super tight spread and the longest range of any Gears gnasher.

Of course that also caused tons of problems, you could go around a corner, they hit you on their screen so you were dead.

Was also the first time trades existed in Gears, so they were referred to as being “updated”.


The one we dream of.

The one we (maybe) deserve.

The one we will never get.


The Gnasher has consistently been one of the least consistent, and most misunderstood primary weapons of a shooting franchise ever.

Until the thing gets some kind of aiming projection that perfectly represents exactly where every pellet is going to go if the trigger is pulled in real time at all times (this has been demonstrated in Gears in the Machine videos before) this is likely to continue. Hit confirm was a start, but it’s quite frankly not enough.

Getting good with the Gnasher is paramount in becoming good at 95% of the versus modes in Gears, and unfortunately getting good with the Gnasher is an exercise in mastering idiosyncrasies and obfuscation.

Don’t get me wrong. The weapon is critically important to the core Gears multiplayer experience, but it is also what holds the franchise back from the masses.

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Well somebody went to college


None of them :sunglasses:

I sometimes talk like that. But the only college I went to was an automotive trade school…



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Gears 4 comp warmup is what you’re looking for, my friend.

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4 at the end of the cycle was great.


It’s a shot gun, it should never be consistent.


How so?

I always wondered why someone i play gears 5 with would shout “Fkn update” when they traded.:rofl:

Same but i never talk like that.

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Id say gears 4 or UE. Gears 5 was great at one point.

Gears 3 gnasher was always working
■■■■ was strong too strong with an active
But that was most guns
Gears 2 title update 5 was good too


Time to wait for the 7th broken gnasher in 5 years.

Epic isn’t even done with the engine.