So, which characters are going to be excluded from Gears 5?

So we know that OP8 is going to be the last one. It is quite a likely scenario that after this OP we won’t be seeing the inclusion of new characters. Which significantly reduces the odds of some characters that are left to be included. So, which ones do you think won’t make it to the game?

From the top of my mind I come up with these (former playable) characters:

Gears 3:

  • Bernie
  • Jace
  • Adam
  • Griffin

(G3) RAAM’s Shadow:

  • Alicia
  • Michael


  • Ezra
  • Sophia
  • Alex

Gears 4:

  • Reyna
  • Oscar

We’re pretty much through all possible Locust/Swarm characters now, so unless they pull some rabbit out of the hat (Rager? Or some new made-up villain?) we are from this point on only going to see COG characters. I’m not expecting any extra COG like Tak for example as well.
Characters that are imo most likely to be excluded: Jace, Adam, Alicia, Michael, Ezra, Sophia and Alex. They never made it into the sequels, while the remaining ones have. Assuming that OP8 will include at most another 4 characters, there is still a bit of hope that we’ll see two more from this list.

Interesting note: while we have seen Judgment skins (Kilo Squad Baird, Paduk), we still have to see any Savage and V-day skins - excluding the basic skins of Anya and Sam. I suspect we’ll be seeing a Gears 3 themed OP8, with Griffin and Bernie being saved for that one. And I am expecting to see Oscar and Reyna later in OP7, so that OP8 can be entirely focused on Gears 3. So perhaps a bit of hope for Jace, Adam, Alicia and/or Michael in OP8?
And I am quite surprised that it has been taking this long for Oscar and Reyna to be included in the game, as they’re designed by TC themselves. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll never get to see Oscar. I really dislike that character.

Doubtful about Reyna, we kind of have her on swarm side and I think it defies logic to have her on both teams.

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I don’t think so. Queen Reyna isn’t exactly similar to the human version.

Sofia is almost certainly not going to be brought to Gears 5 at this point, given that TC hasn’t even bothered to think of doing that when they also brought Paduk in.

Exactly. What happened to the character of Sofia Hendrick? Why so much rejection of said main character in Gears of War Jugdment? She did not appear in Gears of war 4, nor in Gears 5, and the only thing we have of her in so many years is 1-2 dialogues from Paduck. Why don’t they take her out of her?


We want the savage locusts :heart_eyes:

Golden miner/hunter too

I think it’s safe to say that Reyna belongs on the swarm side. She is the Queen so not point in having her in both sides.

Is he even going to be allowed out? I mean it’s been so long and all the and all the campaign characters have been released.

Ever since she was added in … judgement? … I think she should of definitely been added in every game to follow.

Basically my stance is if the character was in previous games then they should be in the next as a playable character.

Lizzie better be a playable character in the next game.

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Oscar has the problem of having a different Voice Actor in Gears 5 to GoW 4 which makes bringing him back more difficult unless we get the 2 Voices merged together for him

Also the OG GoW 3/Judgement Onyx Guards are missing, idc for the new ones

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem I think, we’ve already had like three different people voicing Prescott. Arguably, the latest is the best one so I am happy about that change.
I do agree about the Onyx Guards, their voicing was much more fitting and better with the old ones. Perhaps better luck in Gears 6.

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Shes a grey area according to TC, she is neither dead nor alive. They acknowledge her existence but I would rather have them focus on their story rather then tying up niche loose ends from the old series.

I would appreciate Sofia coming back, but even in Judgement she is a very underwhelming character. So what good does she offer to the new series?
We already have a former Onyx Guard from the Locust War, Keegan. I would imagine TC using Keegan over Sofia in the campaign.

As for her being a playable character? I wouldn’t say never, but I have doubts for her returning in 5.

I can imagine some sort of confusion with having Reyna on both sides, even though they both look really different from one another. But It would be unfortunate not to include her Gears 4 character. I didn’t play her that much in multiplayer, but I did like her. I found it to be quite a waste that she was given so little time in campaign. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Oscar’s not coming back.
I’ve never played Judgment online, so I’ve never played the character Alex. But from what I can see from her on YouTube she looks quite cool and definitely deserves to be brought back to multiplayer. And I totally agree that any playable character from the past should be included in any sequels.

Voice lines for Onyx? Yes, but we have the “OG” Onyx in 5. The Tactics. They are like 85% accurate but I really dont like the hugee shoulder pads. They look off but the helmet is spot on.

They also brought back the OG classic golden gear in 4 with his old voice so never say never either on him making a return as well.

Lizzie will be, shes a Carmine. They are safe in regards of returning characters.

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I’d say that she doesn’t necessarily need to be brought back in campaign (others like Dizzy definitely have more priority over her), but just some sort of reference that could state her condition would be good. Like Hoffman’s photo on his desk in the Hivebuster campaign is a subtle link that Bernie has most likely passed away.
Not that I enjoyed her character that much, I found her to be quite dull. But hey, even Alicia’s brother was referenced during the campaign and while that was a cool one it’s not something anyone asked for.

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I agree, its just I cant really think of how they could make a reference to her, only Kilo Squad and Keegan could possibly know of her, maybe Keegan knows something.

Personally my theory is she was an Onyx Guard stationed at Azura but died there, I think they needed more gears to protect the island so they sorta forced her there.
She was kidnapped by gears after all, so either that or Loomis for his own personal reasons had her sent to prison for desertion.

But Loomis had a change of heart kinda at the end of Judgement so it’s hard to say, but I’m certain Loomis is behind Sofia’s disappearance.

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This is a really good point you’re making here. Regarding her disappearance, I always thought it happened some time before the events of V-day, so quite some time after she became stranded. I hadn’t thought about the possibility that she could have been kidnapped and for example sent to Azura.

Keegan is stated to be the last remaining Onyx Guard who survived Azura, and for her to be alive in 5 would be nice but I think my brain is too small to consider how to fit her in by story, but by reference? Keegan could break the bad news to Baird, Paduk, and Cole. It would be sad but at least those 3 can have some closure if she were to have perished, or say that he survived with another female redhead Onyx Guard but it would be awkward because Baird and Cole were major players in the end of the locust war, you would think if she survived then she would try to link back up with him and Cole again but who knows…

If they were to ever make a dlc or spinoff, I’d welcome her back but that’s just my two cents :slight_smile:

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Dude, you have really amazing ideas. I differ a bit with your opinion, he is quite an interesting character in the franchise. If you look at some of her dialogues in Judgment, you will realize that she knew or had an idea of the Locust origin, also the “disappearance of her” of her I have never liked. Loose ends are not to my liking.

I’d love for it to show up in story mode, I mean, they brought Paduk back, they can do the same to her. Or seeing her in a DLC alongside Keegan would be too beautiful.

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Paduk was brought back because of his ties to the UIR and Vasgar, I think it was a no brainer for them. As for Sofia, like I said, we have a former Onyx Guard member and he was even at Azura, so he has plenty of clearance and information.

Keegan was even at Halvo Bay during Judgement lol, so another reason why TC would use him over her.

But I welcome her return with open arms, I think she can be a good character.

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I just want to play as her again. I was hoping for her and Paduk in gow 4 too. Hopefully she comes in drop 2 or Op 8

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I hope we can get her, but I wouldn’t hold your breath over it in gears 5, I could see it happening in 6 though.

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