So where is that new method of getting our Epic and Rare Horde skills?

So around four or five months ago, I made a thread on the old forums asking TC to finally just let us craft the first Horde skill card to unlock our skills. TC Octus posted in the thread that that was probably gonna be too much work for the current Live Team to implement, but that they’d look into another way to get us our Horde skills (a post that I linked in this thread, though that link is dead now that the old forums are purged). Well, it’s been months now, like I said, and we still have only the same RNG-dependent system the game launched with.

I posted in the player-created achievements thread a suggestion to make all those Horde challenges I made up (in the link above) into real achievements, which granted one of the respective skill cards once completed, but I knew that was a long shot. Unless the two secret achievements on the preliminary achievement list award all the Rare and Epic cards when unlocked, the achievement method isn’t happening.

So, is a new way to unlock Horde skills actually going to happen? One that isn’t RNG or real-money only? The current crappy system has stuck around way longer than it should’ve.


You know what I had no idea the old forums were deleted like what the h??? Well thats kind of a buzzkill

For the sake of the achievement, I’d gladly pay for guaranteed unlocked of certain Horde skills.

The Feral Horde pack was a throrough disappointment as I got at least 20 packs yet not one skill. I’m aware it’s down to luck, but not all of us have the patience for Horde.

They said they would leave it archived.
Just like they said the thing about the Horde cards.
About the so many other things…

I don’t expect a whole lot of them. I’m fact, I think the fans expect too much. However, there’s a genuine sense of dishonesty I don’t care for. They are really fortunate to have this community but clearly won’t understand that until it’s gone.

Actually, they said the opposite. They said it would eventually get taken down, and it was.

I specifically read that it would be available to read for a time and that time was virtually no time.

It was taken down sooner than expected because of some privacy laws that went into effect in the EU as I understand it.

Thats very true

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