So where are the other A-Z squads in gears?

Wheres the other squads in gears? Lol

So Alpha exists from gears 1. So does the obvious Delta and Kilo and Zeta. Also Echo exists from RAAMs shadow I think.

My question is, do other squads exist?


Don’t forget about Omega Squad


Oh duh I forgot about Omega lol.

I’m sure the rest are just cannon fodder squads of random gears. The ones you listed were “Plot-Armor” Squads. Well besides the people who died.

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I can’t forget about Alpha squad because Cole mentioned it every 10 seconds :unamused:

“Gotta move Alphas waiting”


You forgot about the mineman squad


May they rest in piece :pensive:

What are the chances that the new main characters would get the Delta designation? What are the odds of that.
I think TC really missed the ball by doing a series set after V-Day rather than having more miltary shooters with different squads and new characters set during the long E-Day war.

Well JD is the son of Marcus Fenix. I’d say it makes sense considering he gets to lead Delta.


I dont think it’s a matter of time zone, it’s a matter of what they’ve done with the time zone itself. The characters are not likable enough for us to care. It’s similar to the sequels era of star wars. It’s a cool era but the characters we are supposed to be invested in do not fit the bill.

Dont get me wrong, 4 and 5 has some awesome stuff and some characters I do care about but it’s still lackluster compared to gears 1-J.

It is more to do with the familarity that anything that makes sense. I would say that 5 while a better campaign does fallback on nostalgia especially things from the first two games.

One of the common complaints that I see is about Kait and Del. Kait is supposed to be a Gear even though her entire character is about being an Outsider in both senses of the word. Del is just a side kick who gets zero character development other than his one moment in settlement 2 and even that is lackluster. It doesn’t make sense with the timeline TC set.

The reason most likely being the events even the big ones don’t matter from game to game. 4 you uncovered the secret of the Swarm. 5 you are still dealing with the swarm and Kait accidental gave them a buff with a new queen. 6 you will finally have dealt with the swarm.

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In 4, their objective was more of finding Kaits mom. 1 was actually trying to kill the locust, so was 2 and 3 eventually did it.
That argument fits in better with 1-3 tbh.

The formula is similar, yes. But I dont think that’s the issue. Like I said, it’s what they do within the timeline that makes it good or bad.

They could make an E-Day era gears and it could suck.

The key plot points of 4 are:

Jinn accusing two ex soldiers of snatching her people. Which at the sheer number of Swarm we face is crazy to be done by two people.
Escape from Jinn - I just want to add here that the overspending on the miltary budget to capture/kill three/four fugitives would get her fired
Save Marcus from pod
Save Reyna and realise it is impossible then actually get help
Then turn on your legally downloaded copy of Pacific Rim or Gundam

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The thing that ruins the Gears storyline is the gameplay. When it was a military story about a bunch of meatheads fighting underground monsters that was okay.

When you are trying to have actual human characters with their flaws and struggles be the centre of attention but have an audience who just wants to get to the next combat section then you force the development to happen at a break neck pace. A good example of this is in the DLC when the Hivebusters become “Brothers in Arms” in five minutes.

Edit: My favourite act of 5’s campaign is Act 2 as it has all of Kait’s story with the Locust origins which we have wanted to know since Gears 2

That was literally Doms journey in 2. And Marcus looking for his dad in 3 :joy:
People putting their emotions in front of others is not a new concept. Especially in gears.

Marcus went to jail over it, and Baird did something of a similar nature to it.

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The character development happens quite rapidly which I think is counter-productive to me caring about said characters. Ben’s Death for example hits better than say Anthony’s or Gary’s.

It isn’t all about death but I will say Dom’s journey is much better if you read the books as you actually learn more about him. In the games other than the scenes which by nature manipulate you emotionally I didn’t care about Dom or Marcus.

Edit: I am not talking about in universe. I am talking about the gameplaying public who champion the original trilogy over the new campaigns.

I have zero idea dude.