So when will we be compensated for the lost boost and not earning anything?

Question is in title.


As a minimum, I’d expect 1 days of boost for every day we were affected by the progression bug; and in ADDITION anyone who had Boost should get 1 days-worth compensated to them for each day wasted on top of that.


Yeah at least the days that were lost should be compensated. A bonus would be better though.
If they can’t sort out who had the problems I’m fine with doing it for everyone I guess.

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I’d say they drop OP 7 and give away a week of free boost to everyone but that just a guess. Like pointed out already, each person who purchased boost should at the very minimum get the amount of days they couldn’t use boost returned them.

Honestly that is a fair a reasonable request and anything less is just bad form on TCs part.

I think TC should also do double card drops and double coins for those who missed out on getting daily rewards.

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Recompensated indicates that impacted users have already been compensated but TC bungled it so they have to do it again.


True spelling error on my part…or prophecy. You pick.

And fixed.

Just received this email from Gears Support.

It just says that a fix was deployed and they’ll be closing the ticket. Completely ignores the fact that for over 10 days I had no progress and wasted Boost. I’ve emailed them directly and will see if I get a response. I may not given that they’ve closed the ticket so I may have to submit another one.


To be fair, the guys working on that can’t decide about the compensation.
That’s just a canned response hence why I’m asking here.

Well, that was actually my 3rd ticket I had sent, which had specifically asked about my Boost, so I had expected a response about that.


Ohhh, oh well.


Might have to get onto to Microsoft if TC don’t compensate. They should and there is no question about that, but that might be what you have to do to push them.

If there is no statement in the next 2 weeks (being very generous) about plans to compensate players then go above them.

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At this point, after reading through several threads, I don’t plan on pushing the issue further. There’s obviously no point since TC stays silent. A community manager can’t even touch the topic apparently and from what I see, talking about it just brings out those contrarians who like to argue or the TC apologists. This whole game is treated so woefully all around.

I’m down to my last 1,400 days of boost so I would like compensation.


I really don’t think you should let it go. Get onto Microsoft and tell them what happened. They are fairly quick to investigate matters that involve money. If TC doesn’t return what was basically stolen at this point then go to their boss. Like they sold people something that didn’t work and no one should just go “oh well” and give up. Call their boss Microsoft and tell them a financial transaction failed to be completed and TC took your money anyway.

You are right, one should not let it go.
We are in the end talking fraud here, while I will not assume any purpose on TCs part,we are still talking real money.
The more people that get on them the better,
As I said though, the time till Op 7 I will give them.

No company should be let off easy the end of. There is no “ah ill let it slide” or “meh” there is only “give me what I paid for”.

Like if there is absolutely no mention of returning the days to those affected then everyone needs to call Microsoft like yesterday. I don’t care if a player has more money than god and can afford to take the loss, everyone has to be compensated.

Agreed. For all I know TC are gathering the names of those affected and when OP 7 launches they may very well find themselves with boost they couldn’t use before but if not then everyone needs to get onto Microsoft and tell them exactly what is going.

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Shove and Bump.


Bump and Shove @Tinybel99

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