So when will the new challenge character get revealed today?

Just asking. Hopefully its a Locust boi.

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I am disappointed
Hopefully the other two are better

“Other two”? I was under the inpressuon there’d just be one character but there are three challenges requored to unlock it?

All of the Developer Streams said there’d only be one character.

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Oh damn I am stupid, Thought there is 3 characters because of the “Three New Challenges”. Well Now I am more disappointed…

Oh. Wow. That js incredibly disappointing. Well count me out, hard challenges for a reskin of a craftable character when I already have Vold RAAM seems pointless.

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I wonder if the word “gash” is censored by the forum?

EDIT: Nope its not! And this skin is gash.

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Agreed, was hoping for a new locust variant or cog that wasn’t available before.

:joy: I am a massive fan of General RAAM…but he in no way or form suits gold.

“” Three new challenges will stand between you and this killer Gilded RAAM variant character. Find out what you’re up against next week. “”

I’m personally hoping that the 3 new challenges will all be Horde based challenges since the last challenges proved they could be a successful alternative to the typical Versus challenges, If they aren’t… then I pretty much already know what I’m up against… which would be an uneven playing field, filled with high ping south of the border players that I will have to kill 3 times over while avoiding the instant down from them trying to melee me from half a map away… you know… the usual.