So when is gears gonna make a onyx guard pack

(FallenAngel8874) #1

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(mendigo2005) #2

Epic? Hahaha


Dude it’s 2018 not 2006

(TheDeuterostome) #4

It’s not epic, it’s the coalition!

(chaaze) #5

Yeah I know Epic would bring Onyx Guard back as Legendary for ZERO credits… From the beginning!!

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #6

… Except Epic made Onyx Guard with the horde DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

(DarkChaoz95) #7

No chance imo, they would definitely add lootboxes to compensate Gears 4 development since it would cost them over $100 mill to make.

(chaaze) #8

They developed and licensed the Unreal engine before you’re even born, they don’t need to compensate anything. Your every post is very logically upside down by the way.

(OneButtNugget) #9

that is you’re opinion.

(Saber Skywalker) #10

Epic couldn’t afford to make gears4, that’s why they sold it, there’s a full article online somewhere 100mil was indeed going to be the rough production cost

(NUBinbound) #11

nah epic would make onyx guard and about 10 other characters pre-order bonuses

(sancris777) #12

Lol I wish it was Epic

(MrXboxlivenoob) #13

If they don’t make it for gears 4 then they should for 5. If they don’t then they are silly.