So when do we get the actual O.G curbstomp?

Cause no… that roundhouse curbstomp one is not the og curbstomp… how did u screw that up tc? They did not twirl into it like a dance move from stomp up or whatever that movie is called. (I n gears O.G, you could spin the character with the left stick i know, but in circles.) but the animation normally played out as just a very high lift of the foot, pause n stomp… the kick also had a slight angle to it. The char did not face away when the foot came down to the enemy, nor did they directly face em. Ur CS (curbstomp) im pretty sure they face away as they stomp the enemy head.

What and why did they advertise the original curbstomp n then bring out a false rendition of it? Is it that hard to turn on the older game n just check? Someome prob has a yt vid of it, google gif of it.

Do u think im stupid n wouldnt notice? Why oh why did u lie outright?

Didn’t they put the OG one in the store ? I thought they did.

No, if they did il did not see it at all. N i looked.

Fair enough. It is going to appear BUT for money only…of course…

Id just use the scrap i got for free for it. They said it was suppose to be up.

Curb Stomp Execution was already given out for signing in days ago. It’s purple rarity and can be found under all pistols.

Like a proper GoW1 curb stomp or the weird, slow, twirly TC one in store?

It’s not proper, the character like grinds their heel and then stomps but it is free and it is a curb stomp.

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I think it is Iron only ?

It’s free. First image clearly says “community” while second one that twirls says “store”.

Edit: no thats not it.u are wrong. Do u not know what the original stomp looks like? this is the original curbstomo. U are just wrong. Its not there

Yes i have that ome n i want the oroginal or second variation introduced in 2 at least

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Agreed with OP.

It’s just another cash grab from TC. Removing the ■■■■■■ original execution lmao.

Mistake #221

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Sad thing is the animation is already in the game. AI Deebees use it all the time.

I can’t really explain why it’s not already available.


That new drunken wobble to curb slip has none of the punch of all the previous versions of the stomp.

Guess I can just play this for all my proper curb-stomping needs.

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It’s there, just waiting for the next apology/fake fan service/whenever they feel they need it to bring back players.

Obivously it’ll be £8. You’ll buy it, and get delivery driver mac instead. Just like we all really want.


Delivery driver mac who is actually just a reskinned version of like navy dizzy or whatever? No thank u.

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He clearly said it wasn’t the proper stomp. Learn to read before you trash other people.

What the hell are u talking about?

i was only talkin about the delivery driver mac as a joke. Relax dude. I mean i wouldnt want him, but my post was more jokin comic book guy tone. But i dont think thats what ur talkin bout. Soooo… its prob…

About the guy above. It doesnt change the fact, im askin for the original. Not a variation of it. What has havin a free curbstomp etc got to do with a different looking one? Nothing. Its not related to the op. Yes its a curbstomp, yes its free, n its not what i want. I have the free one n dont care. Simply put. No one asked for that in the community (that i know of. We asked for the original variations. )

Also again wjat the hell are u talkin about? Who did i so called “trash”.

Does anyone else actually like the free curb stomp? The animation when looking in the customization tab makes it look down right bad, but the camera-work in game makes it look pretty good in my opinion. Just wish it wasn’t a pistol only equip.

Not that. When you said that he didn’t know how the curb stomp looked and that he never played Gears before. Kinda crazy since he said it wasn’t the proper stomp. Didn’t see anything about the meme.