So when are they gonna fix audio stuttering on PC

Haven’t played in awhile because using a headset plugged into an Xbox controller instead of directly into the PC causes constant audio stuttering making it unplayable. My headset works for literally everything besides GoW4 which had the same issue last I checked. I have an Xbox but the thought of having to use it just because the devs haven’t fixed their game makes me not want to play at all. I actually like Gears 5 a lot but it’s ridiculous that I can’t use the same headset that’s supported on Xbox for a Microsoft game on PC.


Did you try and lower the bitrate within Windows Settings?

I assume this issue only happens when plugged into an Xbox controller?

Been wondering this as well it’s kind of annoying that I can’t use my mic

Microsoft, TC’s employer, has locked this functionality out.

On console, yes.

On PC you should be able to change settings.

Edit: Unless you’re referring to changing the bit rate of audio directly from the controller?

Nee… neee… wee… eeee… eeerrr…

They’ll fix it when they also fix random crashes and video stuttering, I mean, never. sadly.