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So what's the point in a 1v1?


In the wake of a recently locked post, in all honestly, what does challenging another gamer to a 1v1 actually do? Does it prove that that particular gamer is better? Does it prove that living in mommies basement gives you an edge? Does it prove you are just not accepted in a social area therefore spend your time playing way to many video games? Seriously, what is your take on these 1v1 challenges? @Bleeding_Pepper @DAVID_THE_CLOWN


There are generally two types of people who challenge you to a 1v1

  1. Terrible players who are insecure, but, because they have a garbage connection know that they will outperform you.

  2. Bullies who like to flaunt that they are more skilled.

I find the latter to be beyond obnoxious

Thoughts @Krylon_Blue?

(Dogg Egg) #3

1 vs 1 proves beyond doubt who is the best at 5 vs 5 ranked KOTH.

(III EnVii III) #4

I would never back down from a 2v2 challenge.

1v1 challenges are useless though,

All you have to do is wait for the other person to push and boom - easy kill if you know what you are doing all day.

It’s like TDM but on a small scale 1v1 basis.

Also, doesn’t prove you can function in a team and perform the same when trying to win objectives.

You know, like the game requires in ranked.

(Noble Guardian) #5

Other than showing digital self-esteem or convoluted beef resolution, can’t find a purpose for that mode in a team related video game.


(Bleeding Pepper) #6

I think a 1vs1 playlist will quickly turn into a vehicle for players to behave like knobs - to troll and be as toxic as possible. And there’s enough toxicity on the internet as it is.

Challenging someone to a 1vs1 in an online game to settle an argument is the equivalent of telling your friend “HOLD ME BACK!” while you take half-hearted swings at someone without the actual intention of actually getting into a real fight. Except your friend is the internet.

Also, while there’s no formal emperical research into this, but I’m very confident that besting someone at an online game does not help you feed your family, pay your bills, get a better job or qualification, make you a better lover or make all the single ladies flock to your yard. I’m pretty sure no one is gonna think any better of you or even remember you for it. Pewdie Pie will be remembered as a knob, but you? Nah mate. Nothing. Don’t bother. Just try to be nice instead!


You had me up until this. I’m sorry, but I like being toxic :joy:

(Bleeding Pepper) #8

David - don’t make me laugh! You’re not toxic. You might think you’re toxic, but you’re really just a puppy. :grin:


Fair enough, I aspire to be toxic…:joy:

(Stoic Slab) #10

If there’s anything that Pokémon has taught me, it is that any debate can be settled rather easily in a 1v1 match up.

(III EnVii III) #11

Couple of games with me and you’ll be Diamond 5 Master in Toxicity :raised_hands:


Yes. I definitely need teaching in this regard. Im too nice of a guy…

(mike yaworski) #13

We all live in mommy’s basement playing gears lol. But yeah 1v1s are sometimes relevant to shut people up, especially when they’re calling you bad for some reason. It’s putting your money where your mouth is just like any sport (to be clear, gaming is not a sport).

So asking for a 1v1 doesn’t make you a degen necessarily, though it can be irrelevant depending on the argument.


Yup. Literally me. 17 years old and in my mom’s basement

(AliceInChainsaw) #15

1v1 me and find out

(Stealth Ninja X) #16

It just proves to me that these types of people are cowards because in real life I bet you money that they wouldn’t dare try that with random strangers on the streets.

(Asurazu Rasu) #17

Apparently a Gnashers only 1v1 proves who’s better at Stay Frosty

(AliceInChainsaw) #18

You shut your mouth when you’re talkin’ to me!


My goodness…that is quite the oxymoron…

(AliceInChainsaw) #20

Oxymoron comes with two words that contradict whereas a paradox consists of a whole contradictory sentence.