So what you think of the CoG class?

I just unlocked the class over the weekend and got it to lvl 10 for now. I’ve done 50 waves on elite and so far I’m liking it. I don’t try masters until I have a class at higher levels.

It’s not a dmg dealer like JD or Kait but then again it says “support” on it’s description. It definitely has more dmg potential than Jack unless he hijacks something.

It starts with a chainsaw. Early on before you get sentries that thing is very valuable. Rejects soak up bullets and the chainsaw is cost efficient. Provided you don’t get dropped in the process. I mostly sat behind a wall with the fence just in front of me. If something got caught on it Id rev then walk out.

The healing when killing a marked target is sweet. I’ve stopped myself from being downed numerous times with the tri shot. Mark a target and blow it away. My team didn’t have mics so I don’t know if it saved them. Im sure it did at some point.

The ult is an “oh ■■■■” button. I feel like Mercy before she got her rework in Overwatch. I’m expecting someone to make a mod for the female cog to say “Hero’s never die” whenever it’s used. It has a hell of a range too. Perfect for saving Jack when he goes down behind enemy lines. The fact that grenade kills speed up the recharge is great. 90 secs at lvl 1 is amazing. If I find super frags I always keep 1 handy for when a wave ends. So long as I have 1 I can pick up an ammo box and replenish it.If I run out I have to buy frags from the fabricator which is only 500 but id rather not spend the money. Combined with the cd reduction and dmg taken reduces cd it recharges pretty fast. I feel I can be greedy with the chainsaw or trishot so long as it’s ready.

Haven’t unlocked the “team revive gives people stim” yet. I have the revive gives healing. I’m hoping with stim the perk revives people and at least gives them time to get behind cover before being dropped again.

The perk that gives team mates stim every time you get a head shot with the snub I’m undecided. It sounds like something that will help but your team won’t notice it. I’ll wait till I unlock it and mess around with it before I make my decision.

TL:DR I think this class is alright. Definitely more thought out than the promotional chars and I didn’t have to pay any extra money for it. The time it took to unlock it wasn’t bad. The only part that took awhile was the 60k exp and I still have the boost from buying the ultimate edition.

Use someone with a Gnasher or weapon that carries some punch in it with every shot and shoot their legs off. Then get them to blow up and roll away. Easy.

Class is useful for those emergency revives though. Like when you have a Kestrel over your heads with no good overhead cover.