So what’s the new map besides blood drive

As we see in the trailer blood drive is coming but there is also confirmed a new map. In the beginning of the trailer people said that’s the new map. I thought we were getting a map in niles lab from the tease last week. And they map in the beginning of trailer looks nothing like niles lab. Any thoughts?

It doesn’t matter until they BRING BACK TDM


Alrighty then


Fixed that for you.


Has it been confirmed we are STILL only getting 2 maps!! FFS.

I t breaks my heart to think of the content we had on Gears 3 by this point in its life.


It has almost gotten to that point where you get excited that we might get two maps instead of just one.

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According to the description in the Dom teaser video and info from the recent streams, this time we’ll be getting more characters and Op 5 will have more maps than in any other Op so far.


Sorry Op not heard nothing except blood drive,Could it be a new map😳

hate to be the bearer of bad news but I highly doubt its an S-tier/A-tier map considering that we haven’t seen much of it, surely if the map was amazing they would want to show it off more right?

Now is it Pahanu? lets :pray: not, but it probably won’t be anywhere near as good as Allfathers for example.

TC does like to surprise us with maps though so I would love it if they prove me wrong and the new map is the new Gridlock or something but we’ll see.

Thank you my friend for the info,it’s one thing that I was looking forward too.Because of operation 4 horde gamers are being hit again with nothing except a character ,which I have no idea but Dom is Coming

yeah the dev streams this week have been great and genuinely informative, so I been watching them like a hawk.

OP4 is definitely looking to be the best operation so far, though I’m sure TDM fans will have to wait a little while for TC to improve TDM and put it into Ranked.

Edit: no problem dude I do whatever I can :+1:

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Bring Back Goldilock! :grin:

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Apparently, the Coalition is understaffed
They could at least add environmental changes that would reduce boredom for 2 hours on these soulless maps.

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3 maps basically.

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To me it kinda looks like the dam in gears 4’s campaign where you fight the swarmak

Hopefully something great… more so something opposite to Pahanu😂

Dana said it would have more new maps than any other operation, which probably means 2 new maps. We also know for sure that a “legacy” map that wasn’t in Gears 4 will be in Gears 5, so I’m expecting 2 new maps, 2 ports from Gears 4, 1 “new” remake. Massive speculation though of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some things never change


so we’re going from 2 to 3.

technically they’re not wrong. it is the “biggest ever”

OP4 seems to just have 2 maps…

OP5 will probably have 4-5 maps.