So.... what happened to the GP recovery when someone quits?

I recall TC mentioning that this operation we will recover GP from any game with a quitter on your team. What the hell happened to that? My last 5 matches have had at least one quitter and i havent recovered a single point because of it. Only get the solo player bonus and mvp.

Halfway through the operation and why it hast been implemented yet? Im getting tired of idiots and quitters that make me lose points for no reason.

Any comment on this? Or is the team aware of it? @TC_Sera

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To reference - those extra GP only get given to the losing team.
"For each player that quits out of a 4v4-team-based mode the remaining players will receive 200 points per player for a maximum of 600 GP, while 2v2 players will be granted 300 GP if their teammate quits early. Note: that these points will only be awarded to players on the losing team."

Well thats the thing, my team lost and still got nothing :stuck_out_tongue: It has happened before on both TDM and KOTH.

Unless its not shown on the final match score as a bonus?

It’s not on a separate “People quit, here’s GP” Line, no, it’s included in the overall GP earned.

Will check it out the next time it happens then, thanks :slight_smile:

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