So what exactly is the "Early Quit Penalty"?

I’ve had a quitter in about 50%+ of my matches so far I’d say, so I’m gonna go ahead and say whatever it is it doesn’t appear to be enough.

I also couldn’t help but notice too it feels like they increased the amount of time before you can safely quit out of a match that somebody has already quit in via the pause menu. Which means I’m trapped in these games even longer than before, getting steamrolled 4v5.

It feels like the ranking system doesn’t take into account when you have quitters too. I got 485 points for a round 1 loss, then somebody quit on round 2 and I played as well as one can in KotH 4v5 and I got 8 points for the second round. Even though that was the round I had a quitter so I naturally couldn’t be as aggressive as I was before.