So what do we want from the Gears 6 campaign?

I do think the first two acts are decent in the Gears 5 campaign, but after the end of the second act the campaign goes on a downwards spiral, for me personally.

I don’t really want anything in particular for the story, or for it to go anywhere in particular, I just want it to be interesting. If its good I don’t really care what they do.

The open-world was a neat idea but it was poorly executed. I wouldn’t mind Gears 6 doing it but they would have to make it feel, lived in. It felt empty in Gears 5. I wouldn’t mind it being a purely linear game either.

I do think that TC needs some replay value in their campaign at launch, mutators, arcade mode etc. That’s one downgrade from Gears 3 that’s disappointing. I do think that’s one thing I really want.

Because they didn’t fit the aesthetic of the game. I do like some of the more creative skin sets that have come out during Gears 4 and 5, but the bubbles ones felt out of place. My favorite skin for Gears 4 was the Bodied Gnasher, which looked like you had just gibbed someone and their guts and blood were still on the shotgun. You can still have bright and pretty skins, just make sure they fit with the game. Look at the Heroic Venom skins in Gears 5 or the Neon Vegas and Syndrome ones in Gears 4.

How does Vegas fit in with gears 4? Gears 2 had the gold lancer and hammerburst, it totally didnt fit in with gears 2 but oh boy was it fire. Gears 3 had that pink flower lancer and it was really dope, definitely didnt fit in with gears 3 but hey it looked cool.

When it comes to weapon skins and even character skins, I really dont think they ruin the experience of your game. Gears 5 didn’t make me feel any less immersed into the game because I was rocking a pixel omen lancer or a jade gnasher.

I’m still chainsawing people in half, still sticking people with tbow, etc…

But to eaches own.

It’s ‘To each his own’.

But also very true. Perhaps the Vegas wasn’t the best example. Still, I don’t really like the cartoony skins in the game. You don’t have to agree with it, but I know most of my friends also avoided all those skins. If you liked them, glad you found something you liked.

I’ve been saying that on the forums for such a long time, and nobodies corrected me about that until now. :flushed:

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It’s all good. I just couldn’t help myself, but glad you learned something today, And it’s “nobody’s”, contraction for “nobody has”. Dang, there I go again. I’ll stop now. Have a good one!

Ok look, I can assure you that I passed English class :joy:.

I’m more of a history and science fan anyways :sweat_smile:.

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Lol, it’s all good man!

I’m an engineer. I specifically chose that path because it had less papers to write and more emphasis was placed on if the project actually worked!

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Oh that’s awesome! Still figuring out what I wanna do. Wouldnt be surprised if I ended up being a history teacher.

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Because all we’ve gotten is

duuurrr kAiT iS rElAtEd To MyRrAh, tHe LoCuSt R bAC aNd dErE StRoNkuR nOW

Seriously what was the point in making the Swarm they mean nothing. Seriously, if Swarm are harvested humans harvested by Swarm then which came first the Swarm or the harvested humans harvested into Swarm. If the Locust could turn humans into Swarm why did it take them 43 years to do it. If they couldnt do it, and discovered that recently, why is there a hive with no scions or Wardens on Azura, which was obviously abandoned immediately, considering the COG just freaking left bodies of veterans of the last battle there. If the Swarm come from humans, there shouldnt be a hive of swarm on Azura just a bunch of feral scions cannibalizing each other.

Damn sure shouldn’t be any drone soldiers wearing the Swarm armor that allegedly doesnt exist until Act 3. That’s a biiiiig oversight. Then the Elite swarm from Gears 4 that are extremely advanced compared to the dumb planks with scrap armor in 5.

How do you forget about the scion buff from 4. Literally every scion fight had the buff and there were audio recordings of the characters yelling about it.

Halo 5 Guardians all over again.

I could make an hr video essay destroying the utter incompetence of this story team that would rival that of the multiplayer team. But I won’t because Judgment was enough of a killshot. TC doesnt deserve the attention.

This reboot retcon fest was a cash grab from the bloody start.


Judgment is actually good though. Campaign wise.

4 was a decent introduction to the swarm, epic played it smart and put us years later into the locust war. TCs attempt at an “Emergence Day” was alright.

5 just ruins everything.

Game modes wise as well

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It was a decent game, but a horrible gears game.

I’m fairly certain there’s a heavy implication they don’t just use human bodies to make Juvies. Unless you have an explanation for how a - relatively - small and isolated village is enough for them to create a hive big enough to occupy all of Sanctum on Pahanu. Likewise, there’d probably be wildlife on Azura to use.

Is it smart from them because they’re messing up the ecosystem if they take too many creatures? Hell no, but since so far the main motivation of the Swarm appears to be “Muh revenge because you were forced to trigger the countermeasure and it did some damage to the Locust as well without killing them and it’s actually not your fault things got out of control so much”, contrary to any sort of logical thinking, I don’t expect them to be clever enough to realize they are ruining the world they want to claim for themselves.

No real excuse for the absence of Gears 4 Drone Elites though, since they appear not even as hive defenders. Or the Scion buff, for that matter.

Baird used all the right products for his hair that game; sheesh!

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He was also in his early 20s lmao.

I don’t know if I prefer late 30s baird or early 20s.

Kilo Baird is how I aspire my hair to be :persevere::pensive:

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Kilo Bair is one of his best skins, not including the black or chrome steel.

Especially with his beard coming out, sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh :hot_face:

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Baird with a stubble>>> baird with a beard.

Not even chaduk could step to kilo baird.

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