So what are your thoughts on the new COG Gear?

I’ve only played two games with them thus far, but right now I’m really quite happy with the character. I like the support class, hence why previously I liked to main Jack and otherwise Del. Having to play one of the other characters just isn’t my thing, feels uncomfortable too when they’re low levels with someone like Kait who once upgraded is a powerhouse.

As such, the COG Gears are a welcome addition to my roster. I can revive the team from anywhere on the map instantly, saving a possible wipe, and you’re telling me once upgraded I get some pretty solid skill cards such as healing fortifications (without the cost of power, that’s… that’s pretty absurd), general damage resistance buffs to increase survivability and a healing bounty (which, considering the passive ability, means marking basically everything I can and thus just handing out free health).
All in all, feels like a really fun character for me. I don’t know how it’ll feel on higher difficulties (my highest is Advanced and frankly I’m mostly still just at home in Intermediate/Experienced considering my low levels and lack of skill cards across most characters) but I still feel like the healing and revives will be highly beneficial.

Now I just have to hope I can level up the character, which should hopefully be a tad easier than others considering the grind to get it.

My main issue, is that the COG Gear is going to be a base model for other COG Gear variants including the Onyx Guard, and possible other variants like the NCOG Gear, or the V-Day Medic etc.

My issue is purely from a Horde and Escape perspective, and it woud essentially lock all COG Gear variants into the same COG Hero, so the skill cards, passive skills and Ultimate ability will all be the same. It may be a small gripe, but I would have liked for different variants to have different skills etc based around their designs. For example the Onyx Guard would have more offence and combat based cards, while the Medic has more defence and healing based cards etc.


COG Gear has really good cards. Would definitely fit on a team with JD, Kait, Jack, and Del on horde.


I love them. Saved a potentially wasted match more than once already.

I don’t like his voice lines, a real shame they brought him back from Gears 4 since he is so bland and unmemorable. I do enjoy the armor visuals but it just seems like more revisionism from TC when the original design of the standard COG Gear helmet/armor was perfectly fine, reminds me a bit of Halo 4’s departure in artstyle compared to the original trilogy with the remaster “Gears UE/Halo 2” getting it right looks wise with subsequent sequels looking more and more scifi. The Gears 1 jack skin currently in the store is exactly the kind of looks Gears armor/equipment should have and not the shiny/chrome looks that seems to become more of a staple in TC’s rendition of the franchise going forward.


Yeah I agree I always thought of gears to be gritty and grim not much bright colours kinda thing but that’s changed

I love this character, badass and funny, Casan is one of my favourites (with Kait and Marcus)
COG Gear is the tank, less damage when uninjured, less damage when injured,less damage from snipers,
and revive all fallen teammates at once by only yelling at them!!! so cool
and the voice lines are so funny

New armors, outfits, skins for this character would be great :slight_smile:

Great one. My only level 18 character.
Come one, Vermelo! What a sorry pathetic sounds you make when doing the AAAAAAAAAAA with the Retro Lancer! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It might still be better than Kait’s unending war cry while Retro charging, or Lizzie giving the impression like she’s a Samurai or partaking in some japanese sports activity.

I’d like to see the more generic characters (COG Gear, DB, Jack) just got flooded with cards for diversifying their roles (If DB comes to Horde/Escape) and I can see the downside of having so many cards but it would also make them more valuable players in matches and like you said make them more diverse.

Whereas main characters with names have a strict-mindset at play, I’d love to see them (if not all characters) be opened up to have 2-3 different playstyles made off of skill card combinations.