So what am I meant to do with these sort of players?

I had a guy sitting in spawn, moving about every few seconds to not get kicked. I typed in chat to play or quit but still continued to drift about in spawn. Then I looked at his profile/activity feed and see that he is friends with one or two of the players on the opposing team. Intentional throwing? What am I meant to do against that? It’s bad enough I as a solo player get matched against full diamond stacks and only have onyx 2s and golds on my team but now this?


How did he end up on your team if he was friends with them. Just plain coincidence?

Anyway, perhaps the best thing you can just do is report him and his friends so don’t get matched up with them. Apart from that, there not much you can do really.

Yes, he was friends but not in their lobby. I’ve seen it happen a few times in matches I’ve played, members of opposite teams NOT killing each other.

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus

Lol is this your attempt at trolling?

It’s happening severally now after introduction new quit penalties, now many are doing this as act of revenge or trolling due to their previous loss by the same team

I’ve seen this once before myself. I got hate messages from a teammate for killing a guy on the opposing team. It was perplexing for sure. They were both just hanging out by one of the Markzas in forge and teammate kept meleeing me as I approached enemy with Boomshot.

But the most bizarre experience was BTTE where the opposing team was down to one man standing. Teammate and I were looking all over the map at checkout. We split up and I kept looking and looking. Finally joined up with teammate and there I see Myrrah and JD standing by Longshot twirling in circles, shooting snubs in the air, etc. I stood there staring in disbelief then I joined in the absurdities.

These forums! You show a little faith in other players and it gets called trolling!

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Don’t feed his troll please.


You know after some reflecting I think you’re right. Show some faith people!

But in a RANKED versus game, you need to play to win and so everyone must do their bit to crush the competition. For social games it’s fine, but not ranked.

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Its really frustrating because I am diamond 4 (probably lost it now because matchmaking is terrible) and got put into a game with that AFK player. Following game I and a friend (he is onyx 3 and was diamond every other season) tried our best to carry but our teammates only dropped 20 kills each, we had 40 each. Other team had 40ish and their worst player had 35.

Blizzard started banning people for throwing or not playing on purpose. They introduced really good punishments for leaving ranked games, with drastically increased ban times and severe rank drops with each leave. Why can’t TC do this?

I honestly hope TC decide to make every game mode have a social and ranked playlist for Gears 5 with no limts on party size like Gears 3 did. However if they keep it like this, I wish they do it like Overwatch, display some sort of ranking point system. For example a Gold should not be able to party with a Diamond, a Gold 3 can search with Onyx 2 but not Onyx 3. Something like that because the amount of times I’ve seen Onyx 3s bring their silver/gold ranked friends along causing me to lose is very demoralising.

Tbh if Horde wasn’t boring and had variety to it like Gears 3 and they had a Beast mode, I would never touch ranked again.

My friends enjoy Horde so they play that now instead of Ranked. I can’t even convince them to play ranked and every single one of them says no due to either “lag, quitters, AFK or all of the above”

Unfortunately for me I don’t enjoy Horde much but I do agree with them so I barely play anymore as a result. If only The Coalition could find a solution that benefits all players rather than catering to the lowest common demonator. As an avid online gamer I’ve played a lot of games dating back to the MotoGP Online Demo during the beta days of Xbox Live. I have never seen lag this bad in a video game except maybe Gears of War 2. Certainly never seen lag this bad on a game using dedicated servers though. And it’s the type of lag that forces even the most die hard players to call it quits which could be the downfall for this franchise. Face it, Gears wins players over due to the online and if you can’t provide a stable environment no one is going to stick around.

Ur first paragraph hits home a little too hard lol…
I think gears has great potential and a good versus match gets my heart pounding, but my two friends who play gave up on the inconsistency and only want to play horde now lol I ain’t trying to solo and find Horde fun so no biggie but still…

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At least you find some enjoyment out of Horde. In my case it fails to get my heart pumping and just feels repetitive and boring. I’ve never been into these Co-Op vs the AI type of modes except in maybe Halo 5 because it’s shorter. I can run a round of Warzone Firefight in 15 minutes whereas in Gears it’s a 2 hour investment to do the 50 Wave events of Horde with my friends. As a PvP guy I’m just another one that’s barely playing anymore and moving on to other games which is a shame because it’s another low ping very stable connection giving up. My game of choice is Halo 5 which while older and also using Azure runs very well and I’d be hard pressed to find anything to complain about. It’s amazing what a developer can do when they put their minds to a stable online experience and not only filter out poor connections but also program the lag compensation accordingly.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of players who essentially quit, but hide and idle to avoid punishments. I chewed one out today and he had the gall to message me and try to tell me off. What a coward. Can’t even handle finishing a game he’s losing in.