So we have Paduk

We have Paduk in gears 5 story mode and planned for the multiplayer and we’ve had the markza back since 4 even if it’s not the one from judgement.

Since TC is acknowledging judgement and not brushing it under the rug I was hoping we could get the Rager as a versus character the unraged version. He has a pretty cool design and it would be cool to see them back with other locust characters

I always liked the unraged version too, kind of had a creepier vibe than the normal Locust did.

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Hopefully we get both versions. Also all the characters that had judgement redesigns like Marcus Dom Baird all look really cool. Dom has a fro which is funny

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I agree re going back to Judgment for some characters, maps, weapon skins and weapons but mostly to get Overrun 2.0

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It could probably be its own character as well or go over the Drone character class as it technically is a drone but with a few extra mutations I mean the normal is like a drone skeletal wise but it is very skinny and flabby for expansion reasons once adrenaline rage kicks in