So Very Upset against you!


Can not activate the dolby atmos plugin on PC !

It’s wonderful, this pre-launch, The stats are not seen in the menu.
The levels that bug completely in the game, with the display.
The Dolby Atmos sound required to hear something with his headphones.
And immense happiness to discover, that besides forcing to take the plugin Dolby atmos on PC, that does not work properly!

And then the height of the excitement, these are the FR subtitles!
What is the problem will you tell me with subtitles?
Well I got spoiled by the subtitles, which do not follow at all what happens!

Wonderful, we on one side The Coalition that orders us to do no spoil on the campaign for 6 months under risk of ban. And on the other, The Coalition, themselves, who spoil their players with their subtitles that appear in any order.

Are we talking about Gears 4 on PC?

I “truly appreciate your patience” to fixed every sing as soon as possible…

The best thing to do is be patient.

TCs main priority right now is getting the servers stable before another influx of players come online tomorrow.

This user found a workaround that helped them.