So uh, cog hero and deebee who exited?

I just wanted to know

im all for the cog hero but im pretty sure the deebee is hated haha

Hopefully the Swarm doesn’t confuse them for humans.

I wonder if I should grind for the GOG Gear, or the Swarm Warden.

im going for the cog hero first and then warden, i always love playing as a standard gear online

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Yeah. Then you can use them in Horde. I’m just really curious about the Warden’s voice lines. But I already have RAAM.

yeah man, i expect we will see a full team of cog heros soon, not looking forward to seeing debees everywhere again though aha

Yeah, that was annoying. Plus, they have the same footsteps as the Terminator, so that’s fun.

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robot on robot violence

If I didn’t have esports kait I would be playing cog hero

I’m excited for the Warden,favourite out of them all😍

sarcastic yaay

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