So Tired of this crap

Every damn match…pathetic


Stacked teams? Hehe yea avoid the weekend’s ,holidays, and late afternoon if you want more fair matches.

Really? That’s your suggestion to OP?
To avoid playing peak time if want more fairness?

Matchmaking is non-existant when parties involved!!
Stacked teams aka parties are completely out of scale, they don’t compare in pings, not in rankings, you are literally forced to play it like that broken or to be suspended BECAUSE IT’S BROKEN in the first place.

I don’t know if it’s the Mexico :mexico: that bothers you, or that there are four Mexico :mexico:.
Or that you think it’s a stack of Mexicans, when it’s possible you’re in a stacked team too due to being on red team.
Or if your screen froze.
If you could be specific, that might be helpful.


I don’t care if I’m facing a team, or people from another country. What I don’t like is when the game doesn’t count my shots on people with bad connections. This seems to happen a lot.


Exactly! I’m so sick of that crap as well.

I wish TC would not only bring back REGION filters, but allow us the option to only be matched with people from our own country. Stop forcing us to be matched against people from countries with $hit internet connections!

What if they are from your country but are using a certain not-your-country flag and naturally have bad internet?

They would still be matched with you :+1:

Not from my country…and one with crazy ping…

Always happens.

Mexican internet itself is just garbage on most areas.

Mexican people are fantastic, their internet just sucks.

I just wish there was a LOCAL search.


Isn’t your ping 58 and one of the guys has a ping of 50? - which is the lowest in that game.

Lowest was a 50. Highest was at one point 338 by one of the opposing teams.

Sorry about the blurry photo, phone wouldn’t focus as it was in portrait mode lol.

Just happens to often. Just because I’m on the west coast. I would love to play with more Americans and Canadians, but I always get mexican lobbies.

Even back when we could switch regions, I would go to eastern US, to play, and still would get Mexicans lobbies.

Just give us an option for local search.

I can’t be the only one from Vancouver through the US , playing, to be arched with just Mexicans. Lol

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Really? Your arguments don’t have any sense. You think the internet of a first world country is better than a second or third world country. Your totally wrong because the difference are just milliseconds (practically no big difference, 1000 milliseconds = 1 second). The more logical reason is that every player has is own skills and dexterity because there are levels of players from novices to professionals.

To be honest I will be closing this, people can take this post in a offensive manner. Honestly some people can’t do anything with the internet that have available in their region.

That being said I do hope ping issues are looked into for Gears 5. There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, but the way this thread is worded I can see how it could be offensive to some.

Thank you.