So tired of getting suspended

Why would they put a suspension system in a broken game ? I am constantly getting 3-15 minute suspensions because I am getting removed from the session. I never quit even though quitting seems to be a major part of the game for most.

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Likely a connection issue on your side. While I admit there are issues with the game it’s not likely the game is kicking you out enough to annoy you unless your connection is causing it. I have lost connection to one match in the last year and I’ve played a ton so I don’t know what else to tell you.

If you’re using WiFi the first step is to hard wire it.


I only play hardwire and I’m always in a different location ( home , firehouse and friends house ) and it’s the same thing . Every match I win , I get banned afterwards. I’m in a party right now with 4 others and I now have a 45 min ban and nobody else has one but me .

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@anon86589457 can we get an answer as to why @SPIRIT_CR1JSHER is having issues?

As for the topic at hand I know others have had this same issue and I believe they may be looking into it. Not that this does you any good right now but I hope it’s worked out soon.

I’m in the same boat man its only happened a few times but even that’s too many. I have never quit a match and a never will but have been punished like I have. I kept reading that TC would request a video to see whats going on and I even tagged them in it when I posted the video…

My response… cricket cricket cricket

I have nothing against TC I know they work hard I just wish they would acknowledge the issue we are having and at least try and rectify the situation…

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The answer for me is to just not play matches with an early quit penalty.
There have been like 5 times where I wasn’t quitting on a match yet I hastily had clicked through a warning that implied I may face quitter consequences if I continued to expose myself to that danger.

Aside from social where I don’t play…where can I find matches without early quit penalties? Regardless that wasn’t and isn’t the case. I was loading into a game and was removed from the match and when I tried to rejoin it booted me again and gave me a penalty…not the slightest bit fair.

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@K0oLAiiD Exactly. It happened to me last night and my friends and I are all in the same house playing and I was the only one who got suspended. I NEVER QUIT MATCHES, if I did my KD would be like 4/1 …lol

I was in matchmaking this morning and was still searching for players (after 6 minutes of waiting) and I tried to leave matchmaking and restart it but got a notification that I would incur an early quit penalty for doing so. Because I didn’t want the penalty, and worse yet a strike against me for that massive 90 day ban, I ended up locked in matchmaking for 15 minutes before I finally got a match. I can’t stand it when people quit during a match, but dishing out penalties for simply leaving matchmaking is absurd. Penalize the quitters by all means, but how about making sure your “clever early quit system” works like it should.

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Is this what happen to you?

Yeah, I’m that case, you need someone to investigate as my buddy Krylon Sky Blue has indictaded.

Strange that you are being banned for a winning a match …

Im not sure TC knows what this means…


I’d give you 10 likes for this if I could because I’ve just had the best laugh I’ll probably have all day :joy:

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lol Glad I could be of assistance!!!

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Just FYI - although I have to say it was cheap as hell, I do miss the 2Piece as a well :joy:

hahaha yes…yes it was. I loved throwing down with some elbow action to make kids rage.

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Ah slapping those “pro bouncers” was the best :laughing:

stops em dead in their tracks haha

Back then I’d play Execution so they would range inbetween rounds as well haha

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I was just talking to @Krylon_Blue about execution…it is so hard to find matches…its dead but it used to be all i played back in the day

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