So thoughts on the new ranking system? I like it

I know some things still need be added to make it better but so far so good imo

Remove the ugly GP UI please, or make it a toggle, just ruins the gameplay screen.

Bring back points & use that for MVP,

Raise the cap for Kills as people do get over the limit often,

Game needs to be able to detect a quitter(s), and adjust accordingly.

Game needs to be more strict with AFKs and adjust accordingly,

Bonus for MVP,

Bonus for top on losing team,

Also restore MVP to best of 10 not best of 5 from winning side.


It feels the same like in pre season only with bigger numbers.

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Hard to say as I’m still in Bronze. Once I get through a few tiers I’ll have a better feel for what’s good or not.

One thing I can say is the caps are still too low. I’d like to see the Eliminations raised back up to at least 80 or 100. Caps and breaks are absurdly low. 5 caps and 5 breaks max? Thats the point of the whole game.

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Skill gap between players is dead with this system. Make noobs and gamepass player happy :clap:

Worse ranking systen ever made, no skill gap beteween players at all, whatever the way u played and did kills, its 15 GP pet kills that’s it. U definitely feel no rewarded whatever how good u played if u lose, indeed go down for lose that’s it. Ton of other issues makes this system absolutely awful

well, they’ve obviously dug in on the idea that above Silver you have to win to rank up . Some like it and some hate it.

If they insist on that model, I think it would be fair to raise the caps so your GP reflects your performance. And also award GP per round won, so if you lose a three rounder you get something for it.

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Not played yet but have decided to branch out this season and mix it up a bit, rather than just Hill
That is, if my connection holds up otherwise I will just stay on 3 and 4.

Now that I’ve had a chance to play in the updated , new ranking system I can definitely say I like it better now. Prior to this update, my main issue was that you had to win A LOT more matches than you lost to make decent progress in ranking up. Maybe 75% of matches or more. One bad loss could wipe out a bunch of wins. That seems to have been addressed with the update (at least where I’m currently at , Gold 3)

When I lose a match it doesn’t take 3-4 wins to make up the lost points. I lost a bad one last night. But next match I was able to make back the points with a win which before would have been impossible. So I think they did a good job in fixing the big issue. The wins have decent value, where before they were very stingy with the amount of GP per win.

Some folks hate the new rank system, some like it. I’m cool with it now. Though I still think that the caps are too low overall. 60 -5 -5 are not high bars.

The whole point of KOH is Caps and Breaks and you can hit those limits in less than 1 round.

A step in the right direction.

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