So this is sus but idk

So I’m like 50/50 on this man cheating but I’m also not sure and wanna say he isn’t, but this videos shows me fighting with my stick to aim at him and it happened at least 8 other times but this was the worst of it. I also have never encountered this before playing gears until today and nor do i like say people are cheating. Cheating maybe? I have a twitch vod if that is needed for the other encounters.

I don’t have Twitter :~[

Is it possible to upload on xbox dvr?

If you have the clips on your xbox and they’re posted then it should show up there and all you have to do is paste the link on your post.

Other means of putting clips onto xbox DVR from an external source probably require you to have an external harddrive

Oh i am not setting up a twitter account lol.

If you can upload it to youtube if you have an account or Xbox DVR should work though.

If you think you have something to report, Report a Player on Otherwise, the forums are not to be used for callouts.