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So........This happened today

(SASxVEN0MZz) #1

School was going well. Until well let’s just say lunch lol. Some kid came up to me and started talking crap. maybe 2-3 minutes later the person who I supposedly hut walked out. Handed his energy juice to his mate. And at this point if you haven’t noticed HE WAS GOING TO PUNCH ME! I swerved around throwing my “Most likely ruined lunch” in the bin and BOOM I get a damn fist to the right side of my jaw just under my eye. The 3 of them walked away saying “You ain’t doing s**t now are you big man”. At this point I crushed my can of perfect Pepsi aha. And went inside the main hall of my school. My friend Leo then came through and said he seen what had happened and that they were going to “Jump” me. So yeah my life seems to be going great. But in seriousness I had to tell a teacher at this point I am NOT a go and cry to a teacher person I stand up for myself to the best of my ability but trying to jump someone you know cant hit back is sad. P.S they are in first year i’m in fifth year they are most likely 4 years younger or 3 I don’t know and don’t care. Anyway that’s my first and last really off topic post :smile:


I was expecting a Cole Train quote somewhere in there that you yelled at the kids or something

(SASxVEN0MZz) #3

Saying that why didn’t I do that

(xFribbo) #4

I would’ve taken them all on lol never took ■■■■ when I was in school.

(mendigo2005) #5

You’re a minor, they’re too. Punch back. Nothing lethal. Stand your ground.

Time to start boxing classes!

(mendigo2005) #6

The little kids implied that.

(the Cole Train takes what he wants.)

(AliceInChainsaw) #7

Just remember this move.

(mendigo2005) #8

When did Pablo Escobar learned kung fu???

(Asurazu Rasu) #9

In all seriousness however I suggest you just start wall bouncing & practice your strafing to juke them


LMAO…this is great


Great thread bro!

(SASxVEN0MZz) #12

IK this is one of a kind you hardly ever see these types of threads aha


Hahah! Yeah.
Sorry bout what happened though.

(SASxVEN0MZz) #14

it’s alright


Probably should’ve thrown in there a “You should’ve seen the other guy after he hit me”


I weigh 134 pounds…just about anyone could kill me lol

(mendigo2005) #17

You could fight these guys on UFC:

(put mute on, what a horrible music)

(villa casual 42) #18

3 on 1 seems fair doesn’t it.
That’s kids these days.
All mouth with there friends but would they be so brave on there own.