So theres a bug on horde / escape were i cant see my skins on my weapons

BUGS STUPID! so yeah TC get on it i wanna see my skins in it.

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Don’t worry. They know. It’s not new.

It was very unpleasant,thought my new Xbox one x was messing up,plus duplicate characters, never since release have I seen this many duplicates played a few horde games,plus jack could give 1000 light on map ice bound

can they fix it then!

Did you restart the game?

no i have level 58 and 1 tier up so no

I mean. Press the xbox button - go down to Gears 5. - Press the start button (the menu looking one, three stripes) on the controller, a menu will pop up - choose quit - press on Gears 5 with the “a” button. It will start the game again.

Does the issue still occur?


What happens too your skins? Are they default or are they black? Is there a specific skin that doesn’t work?

default all of them dont work

So no skin works in-game. Can you see them in your lobby? Like when you look at the skins.
Have you applied them on the weapons that you use in horde? Pistols in Escape.

What xbox do you have? Original, S or X?

the white one

That’s an Xbox 1 S.
So that’s 1080p.
Wonder if it has something to do with 4k skins not being able to load properly.


Is it all skins you have or only a few?

I encountered this yesterday playing horde, all I did to see them again was put the weapon on the weapons locker and then pick it back up and the skins we’re back.

It’s not a bug. It’s server lag. Your skins may not load immediately when starting a match, but they will eventually load in the middle of the match.

yeah dont wanna spawn a locker and on a private server same result

Yeah it only happens in custom games

oof i only play customs

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