So there was something funny I encountered in another game I play

It was a few days or weeks ago and I took no clip or screenshot, but I ran into an NPC enemy(whose names appear to be randomly generated) going by the name of Karl Marx(a pirate NPC to be precise, at that). What are the chances of that? I thought it was pretty funny seeing that. @Bleeding_Pepper would probably tell me it’s a sign.

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The People’s Revolution is coming!

You may ask what I did with the pirate…

I blew him straight out of the sky, or space, rather, of course.

What? My mission giver just told me “Go and blow up some pirates in this sector of space!”, not that I’d run into the bloody founder of communism looking to steal from someone in the 34th century. I’m sure he managed to spread his teachings before coming across the wrong bounty hunter.