So the victorious medal

So I finally decided that I’ll stop avoiding those king of the hill medals and try to get a few before the new op comes out. I’ve made some decent progress, but that darn victorious medal that says win 15 matches is stuck on 5/10. I have heard people having issue with these medals so I thought I’d make a thread to see how to solve it.

Same here, stuck on 7/10. Already sent a ticket and waiting for the solution.

As far as I know TC are aware that some of the medals have stopped counting and are looking into it. My sending a message medal wont budge at all and its been months now lol

I think the funniest part of this for me is that it says 5/10 when it’s 15 matches. Makes me wonder if it’s just a certain game mode it wants you to play. I reasonably fathomed it wanted me to play “gears most gearsy mode” but alas even doing that resulted in no added ticks to the counter.

Hope it gets resolved soon.

Same here. Mine is stuck at 9/10…

Just an update… look at your victorious medals. They’ve been updated to properly reflect “win 15 matches” with it now showing 0/15 instead of 0/10… but… it’s still not counting for me. Can anyone else confirm?

Seems to be tracking now for me. Of course I don’t get any credit for matches already done or anything but…