So, the UIR actually seem to be make a serious entry in the series

I’ve already seen some sharp observation of people passing by, but nothing yet related to the UIR reveal.
We’ve seen plenty of hints about the UIR and the Pendulum Wars during the series (heck, in hindsight you could even think about Anthony’s mention about Aspho Fields back in Gears 1) and with each instalment they received more attention. The UIR seems to be getting an actual role in Gears 5 and there’s plenty to pick up and speculate.

The first impression you’d have is that the UIR scene, with Kait walking around while Del looks at a dead UIR soldier, seems to be a relict of a very old battle. Possibly against the horde during the first year of the Locust War before the HoD strikes or perhaps from the Pendulum Wars. which would be the safest bet to go.

However, I’d like to point out:
Besides the remnant of the Gorasnaya that survived up to the end of Gears 3, whatever was left of the UIR got obliterated during the HoD strikes after E-Day. The facility seems to be heavily damaged and we mainly get to see the two tanks. However:

  • It looks like rust, but that’s actually a layer of sand in the area. The tanks show some damaged and rust, but you’d expect them to be in a far worse shape if they were used about 40 years ago.
  • The facility is definitely beyond use, perhaps for a long time. Yet with such a massive opening you’d expect nature to have had a much bigger impact on it. With the sand blowing in and without vegetation, you’d sooner expect it to be closer to a dry/desert like area than an frozen, tropical or temperate area. Otherwise you should be seeing vegetation or, as the game seems to be taking place during winter, snow and ice. If it concerns a dry area (not unthinkable since it has been mentioned that you’ll be exploring deserts), the amount of sand would be laughable if it’s been like that for 30 years. By that time, most of the room should be filled with sand.
  • Take a look at the image released for Gears 5 and the image of the first time you get to meet a Swarm drone. The long dead gears are in decay, you can clearly see the bones. Yet the UIR soldier looks more like the live ones from the Aspho Field prologue of Gears 4. He’s dead, as Del seems to be taking it’s tags but the body still seems to be in shape and even the lights on the armour are still on.

Could it be that the UIR is back again, perhaps the Gorasni raised it back from the dead like the COG was resurrected? The facility also seems rather big for post E-Day, but then again the COG’s been able to build pretty big as well again. But my bet would be that the environmental impact on the facility might be an oversight and that it was destroyed quite some time ago, since also those tanks don’t seem to be modern-like comparable to the COG’s capabilities.
But that dead UIR soldier is something that is very hard to ignore: you can’t say he’s been there for decades. I deem it likely that they’ll be present (alive) during the game.


You make very good points.

However you could argue that the lights aren’t actually lit up on the UIR Soldiers armour, and that it’s a combination of the light and sand reflections. Those lights look red, I seem to remember the UIR Lights being a blue-ish green, similar to COG, and they had yellow painted patterns on their armour.

Also a thing to point out is that the armour does not seem to decay like the body or buildings etc, that body has a helmet on, so there is no real way of telling just how long that Solider has been there for.

I do like your theory that the UIR maybe have managed to rebuild and they are alive and present, but going off the scenery and the old abandoned tanks and a dead body, I don’t think that is the case at all.

In the Gears books Marcus and friends meet and befriend the last surviving remanent of the UIR and Gorasni. They make an apperence at the end of Gears 3 with Miran Trescu there leader talking to Marcus as they help invade Azura. I’m 99% sure they became a thriving community once more and the Swarm is now reaching their waters. As possibly scene in the trailer. Though I am sure Trescus son is now the leader.

pretty sure they are exploring some of the UIR facilities, that may or may not have been involved in attempting to create supersoldiers/use some ancient DNA they found that may have created the locust.

plus remember, the UIR depots were teh first to get hit by the locust, they sunk entire bases and took the armaments.

Or could be stranded simply using their equipment. I wouldnt be surprised if UIR Remnant, Griffin and stranded banded together with outsiders to take down the cog

Well, you notice the large hole with the light shining through? It seems to have been blasted open and the larger structure itself seems to be some sort of giant rig. Honestly, this looks more like an ancient battle from the Pendulum Wars and the UIR tanks are simply left-overs preserved under the giant… digger… machine?

This game will have something to do with Imulsion, so I imagine it may be a dig-site the UIR was using/defending?

Like your theory and i do believe that the UIR will be involved in Gears 5 but just dont know were…

One thing i strongly believe is that we will get to see the new hope facility and mount kadar (locust stronghold) on kaits quest for answers…think were going back to origins and im lovin the vibe of it!!

I agree that the facility itself is most likely old - probably from the Pendulum Wars.
However @ Shatteristic, in multiplayer the UIR characters have similar lights to the COG characters, but this is most likely to avoid confusion in versus and multiplayer. During campaign, the UIR units use the orange-ish colour that you see on the right shoulder pad and the right eye. What I wonder is how it’s possible that this, presumably very long dead soldier, still has functional lights and doesn’t show signs of decay. As you can see from the dead gears from Gears 4, they’re clearly dead for a long time. But if that UIR soldier died during the Pendulum Wars, he must have died at least a decade earlier than the COG soldiers.
@ Csdabest: of course stranded are known to loot, but those we’ve seen in game never use the armour of the soldiers. That UIR unit is in full gear, so it’s not likely he was stranded.

Would be amazing to get them into the main story - an elite squad would definitely help :+1:

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When you’re a multi-national organization that occupied up to half of the world’s major governments and was engaged in a centuries long global conflict with an equally powerful military institution, your influence will be felt for years.

Neither the Locust nor Hammer of Dawn really erased their foot print, the writers are, for now, merely serving up reminders of the UIR’s existence.


I wanna see more :grimacing::raised_hands:

I can see what you are saying however when we had UIR Character Garron Paduk appear in Campaign previous a little detail such as lights for the story they would have kept the detail of things like that as they should be?

Wait, when did he appear?

He was Baird’s squadmate in Judgment.

That’s why I don’t remeber then :joy: