So the store-voting was a one time thing?

We’re also trying something different with next week’s Featured Section in the store. YOU get to vote on the Characters, Weapon Sets and Bloodspray that are going to be added. Voting will take place on our Twitter and Facebook

^see thread title.


I guess so

I would guess that we were simply deciding what would be our consolation prize.
Next week, featured will be back to coins,and the runners up will probably appear soon.

The voting was a one time thing and it was :poop:


Nah it was actually solid.

The community chose what they wanted.

And they got it for free :man_shrugging:

Seems legit to me.


You’re just saying that because you got your Lizzy skin lol


I mean they could have given us no option.

Getting a rerun Elizabeth skin was just the icing on the cake.

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I already had those.

Jokes on me for being a hardcore fan.

@HerrKatzchen eh… idc … they gave us bad options…

We legit got to vote for a giant turd blood sprays… lmfao

“No. Anytime TC does anything at anytime for any reason it is poop” -Gears Community