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So the pros want a revert

Eh I saw a few new number one with no reups trying out king.
Thankfully the game reset and I didnt play them.

Games these days are always going to have the player base die off after the first few months. All of them. There is so much new product out there. Cod, division, warcraft, red redemption etc. You dont cater to those people because they are gonna leave. You cater to your base and make a solid game. Casuals will stay if it’s a solid game and they enjoy it. Casuals will leave if it’s a broken mess like g5 has been or a new game comes out.

One of those you can control. The other you cant. Tc needs to understand this and sadly I dont think rod does.


Yeah, re Ryan, the big question is: (a) was he really behind all those changes which were made in 5 from 4 (in which case he’s to blame as much as anyone), OR (b) were those imposed on him from above, and the poor guy is stuck having to be the mouthpiece for the party line, and is taking the brunt of the teeth kicking, being largely blameless himself?


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It sounds like it was done by committee, but he should still get blame anyways because he is on the team.

See this is spot on. Gears is to incosistant for many gamers to even want to play. As you have the Gansher noobs who cry if aany other weapon becomes quite powerful. As stopping power should fo stayed and players should of adapted. (which isnt hard) Also you are right Casuals will stay if it’s a solid game and they enjoy it. Yet Gears ahsnt been enjoyable since 3, hell even Gears 2 had its issues but not like gaers 4 and 5 do.

As with so much new product out there, gamers wont cont playing a broken ■■■ game ever, TC have acted like they had player base to keep realsing gears in the state its in, but they dont, So gamers have left and I can easly that gears 6 is already #DOA as by then there will be other games that will be a solid game to play and been fun while doing so.

I think TC needs dropping and someone else needs to step in as they have shown they are not the ones for the job any more.

The competitive community want a revert, and its not because they think its necessarily perfect the way it was, it was just better in their eyes. I’m just going to copy and paste what I put in Kenny’s thread so you can hopefully get a better understanding of why they think it was better pre-update.

The issue with current gears of war is you are forced to play one play style at a competitive level if you want to succeed, and that just doesn’t make for a good balanced game. When I say competitive I am not just talking esports. If the ranking system worked the way it was intended and high level players were only pit against high level players, this would be more apparent. Right now, you’re just limiting yourself and can’t keep up if you aren’t near the highest sensitivity in the game. There is zero reason to play on anything low because you simply can’t keep up and playing for damage just doesn’t work. This was Gears of War 4’s issue (in a competitive setting) and with the newest movement update these problems are back in full force.

Really, I don’t care that the mechanics let you move however it is you want to move, I just dislike that it’s not consistently punishable because positioning and playing for damage barely works. One example of positioning not mattering anymore is right hand advantage, Sliding into someones right hand advantage was the BIGGEST no-no in everything pre-Gears 4, but in Gears of war’s current state, that play is rewarded consistently because of how fast people can slip to corners/walls/shoot. There needs to be some kind of balance that lets people play the way they want, and it just isn’t there in a competitive setting. Before the update, the game gave players a little bit more identity in their play style, which I believe should be the goal.

It was all that was needed for both pvp and pve dragon…:thinking:

Well I like it and I don’t care what no life “pros” think I’m not a sheep or part of a hivemind.


More playlists?

what do you mean by that?

You said they were trying to add more playlists. What do you mean? Like testing playlists?

sorry but i think you missread this. " trying to make more playstyles."

Yep. Thanks lol

No worries :pinching_hand:

Fantastic post. I agree with everything you said. I love watching the pros play but all they care about is winning tournaments. Like you said, they don’t play Horde or Escape or anything else except scrims against other pros. They have their own agenda. We outnumber them by a great many, and our voices should matter more to TC.


I think they should’ve kept the 2 seperate tunings like in gears 4. I understand they didn’t want to split the community but making it 1 tuning made the problem worse. They catered to newer players while alienating the old players. Now they don’t have a community to split.

The pros, The people that play 5 stacks against other people that play 5 stacks.
Of course they will be able to see the meta pretty quick. And can see what gets abused.
However they are not playing the same game as the rest of the players. They play Escalation… = No auto aim. No Mace. No constant flow of Flashbangs. The Lancer ammo can deplete. They are not attacked in the back by a team randomly spawning there. They can choose what weapons to play with.

Its not like they are helping pointing out all the other flaws of the game. Its not in their intrest.

So they got The Esport skins.
Where are the “casual” ranked skins. Where are the Horde skins… It would be intresting if they did that aswell. Then they would see how much money the different modes get. Let it happen and start focus on where that moneys really at.


Here is the thing about pros and all this crap.
Weve gone through numerous changes over the games. Everytime I’ve been told. Adapt. From retros, sawed offs, one gun load outs, hyper bounce etc… always just adapt and get good.

So now we come to the pros here saying they dont like the change. But your pros and pros should be able to handle anything that comes to them. So what your timing is off. Welcome to my world when an update happens. Takes me a few days to a week to grasp the new layout.

Look you dont want a faster game? Ok I can respect that. You feel the game should play a certain way? Ok I can respect that.

You want to complain your timing is off? Then you should just quit being a pro gamer and find another profession. It just makes you look like a baby in the end.

Your timing is off. Lol…try playing on the days I have a half a second of bullet lag when yesterday it was crisp. Your timing is off.


I was going to post something just like this especially the suggestion to quit being a pro gamer but because of you I don’t have to.

This is more adaptable than anything rlly. Just faster reflex timing. That’s literally it. Atleast from the argument that I’ve read.

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Hopefully everyone will make there opinion known on the official movement thread Octus has recently stated TC is closely monitoring that thread

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What they gonna do with the shotgun?