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So the pros want a revert

So I didn’t want to make a thread about this but I just figured this community needs to know what was and still is going on. So there is a active movement by the pro’s to get the movement mechanics reverse pretty much back to launch status. They just don’t like it. Credit to TC for sticking to there guns and trying to improve the game. So instead of the best of the best adapting. There making vids and still complaining. NRG ash actually made a good respectful one stating his case unlike the other tweets lol kind of reminds me of the forums. Most of us here voiced our opinions even though we don’t compare to the other social media platforms. The latest movement update is what kept me playing Gears unlike all my friends from the past that bailed. Non of my friends came back so I made some new one. We all have similar stories. That’s about it, I just thought I would let all my Gear peeps know what’s going on.


I like the movement as is. Why keep going back and forth. Cant please everyone. Will always have people complaining about something.


I really hope they don’t listen to the pros on this one. The movement update was a step in the right direction, and would be devastated to see it reverted.

Next step is shortening the gib range!


Wait…why. Lol increased strafe is a very good thing and increases the skill gap. What’s their reasoning?


It’s interesting. After they got there answer from Ryan during the stream yesterday I figured they would just adapt because they are pro’s it was the complete opposite. Going back through there thread’s and reading there replies it seems some take credit for how they help make such a great game and TC screwed it up with the movement update and it was a step backwards. They think the games movement was perfect in there eye’s while the majority of true Gearheads bailed. We all seen the complaints hell they even compare this to judgement. @D_A_N_III_3_L .This game has issues. The initial movement was one of them. I honestly think they won’t be Happy till they are the only ones playing. @III_Essence not to steal your quote but that’s how I feel also.


I like the current movement and I hope TC goes even further with it. I seriously hope TC doesn’t listen to them, and rather listen to the masses/average player for once in their life.

They tried it their way. They tried it the “pros” way. Now it’s time to try it our way.


who cares what the pros want


The problem is there platform. I hope TC doesn’t cave.

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The problem for them is they’re miss timing shots/picks up because the speed increase on the roadie run/up A. I’ve had he same issue adjusting since the update. There’s also no stopping power so it can feel extra ridiculous at times.

Walking acceleration is faster too but no one is going to do that when they’re making a push for one shot range.

I think the strafe and wall slide update is fine but all the other values being increased as well weren’t necessary. I understand their explanation of wanting to keep the momentum between executing actions consistent though. It’s also understandable why the competitive players are upset about it but that’s whatever.

I personally think they should remove the acceleration from the Up A all together, I can’t imagine that boost was present in G3 or prior.

That sounds like what they’re pushing for though—even more access to the devs through a private discord server or private forum just for pros.

They should come here and have to defend their opinions in public like the rest of us.


They are going to Nerf the up A as of the stream yesterday. I don’t think they like that either. @Jaylin117x I actually replied and ask NRG ash to pop in here and see there is a whole different community with a different opinion. I doubt he will because I figured I’m just a scrub to him and my opinion doesn’t mean anything.



Plenty of studios chase after the “pros” when looking for input on what changes need to be made in their games. Not too long ago, a pro player of Apex accidentally tweeted that he was getting flown to Respawn’s studio along with other pro players to discuss the game, but never, or rather rarely do I see studios try and get the input of the average player, which I find disgusting to say the least.

The problem with that strategy in TC’s/Gears5’s case, as in chase for the input of the “pros” rather than the average player, assuming that they will, is that the game suffers from a lower player count than TC has anticipated (they admitted as much), so they should focus more on what we have to say rather than their precious esports players and streamers. Cause no matter how happy they make them, they will always constitute a tiny fraction of the population, and let’s face it, Gears esports players and personalities have 0 clout.


THANK YOU! That’s probably exactly what happened.

Really? How are they nerfing it?

The actual acceleration as far as I know is a G4-G5 thing. The speed enhancement was always placebo G1-G3 otherwise.

I don’t think their opinion holds more weight than any other long time veteran of the series but I do understand from a logical stand point that having spontaneous patches isn’t healthy for competition.

I’ll say that they’re right that TC needs to be more clear at communicating when these things might happen but I don’t agree that the game tuning was/is were it needs to be.

It’s very obvious that there’s bias toward the tuning their comfortable on just because there’s something on the line not for the betterment of the game itself. I’m willing to be most of them probably don’t actually like the last tuning. I’m sure someone would argue that these are they type of changes that need to happen during an off season for the comp players but the reality is this game doesn’t (and shouldn’t) center around the esports scene. The changes are made for to improve the experience for everyone trying to enjoy the game. As it should be, that is were the bulk of their money is going to come from anyway :wink:


On the stream Ryan uses a Mario Cart reference towards the up a boost. Which they(the pro’s)are having fun with as one might expect. Some of the memes are funny. But from the way I understand stand it that boost is being removed.

Oh I did see those, lol. Didn’t think too much of it, I just thought it was like the whiteboard thing. If that’s their way of actually complaining about the change then man…

That’s some promising news though, looking forward to trying it out.

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People will always complain when TC tries to please everyone. Gears movement is supposed to have many different fluid option like fast bouncing, roadie strafing, and reaction shots but when TC nerf these and change the movement to please casuals, the whole fan saw will have a different opinion. I feel like you shouldn’t change any big movement aspects of a game because of the new learning aspects you own need. It’s just like in gears 4 when they kept changing the tuning. Fix it the first time so we don’t have to adapt to a completely new aspect that shouldn’t be there in the first place

I just wish they stopped changing everything and fix it all at once. This is just like the gears 4 tuning changes. It was perfectly fine in the beginning and, even if it needed fixing, why do you need to change it several times? Isn’t there a beta for that?

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I think a good solution to that is to add a PTR to the game, so that they can make the changes there first, test things out, see how the community reacts to it and then implement it to the game as a whole.

The only downside I find about that is because TC is slow at making fixes/tunings/changes to begin with, adding a PTR will delay them even further.


The point is they please the pro’s and the game failed. So TC started making changes to make the movement faster, to make bouncing, strafing relevant with the last movement update. The pros didn’t like it so there trying there hardest to get it reversed. As of yesterday stream TC is not budging, so the pros are using there platform to apply pressure instead of saying to themselves we are the Best of the Best let’s adapt. Most of us thought the previous movement was way to slow.