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So the kill cams must not be accurate right?

I love gears of war but this installment makes it so hard to stay loyal to the series. Multiplayer has been an utter nightmare with people only having to to shoot around me to hit me it seems, I feel like bouncing is useless now because of this. I will try to out-maneuver someone and get punished for it. Seeing the kill cam and they just shoot anywhere and i get bodied… fun. Gears 5 is extremely disappointing so far, i still have hope tho.

Here are some clips to support My complaints




I feel you there…
Here just one screeny of what happened for an entire match… :confounded::confounded:

Look at where the gnasher is pointed… and all the pellets hit somehow… and just wow…

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It’s all latency. I don’t trust kill cams in any game. CoD taught me that much. On my screen I would run into a building, turn right and take 3 steps to block line of sight and I died. On the kill cam it shows me dying as I walked in the building…okay. On my screen what happened to those 3 steps I took to the right when I walked in the building? Was that my imagination?

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All kill cams in any games are built on data that SEVER receives not your input. Because of latency and ways that data is processed itll basically never translate to what you’ve seen on your screen and what sever received. My internet is terrbile and in most titles kill cams show i didnt even shoot when i did on my end.

Yes, why even put them in game if they are not accurate. I feel it just infuriate’s players even more once they see the kill cam . I realize that TC is trying to do something because everyone gets upset when they think they bodied someone and they did not. So in GOW4 they added the damage %. Well, that did not go over so well because everyone kept getting the 83%. So now they try the kill cam, and clearly that’s not working.

Kudos for them trying new things but at some point they have to realize things like this may be making things worse.


I know in GOW4 and i assume G5 is the same., that when you were so close to someone it used center screen aiming. But the other 90% of the time it’s barrel aiming. Not sure why, but that is how it is. TC can speak more on this. This may be why you are seeing barrel pointing another direction and pellets are coming from center screen.

Yeah, you’re probably correct. I’ve tried to go frame by frame to capture a screenshot from my point of view but i literally cannot catch a point in which his gun ever goes off. I’m alive… I’m dead… no animation inbetween

Bring back making the person watch you tea bag after a kill ! That’s what makes GEARS fun. This new kill cam is stupid.

Expressions with the old kill cam would be the ultimate troll!!

Is there anything else TC can destroy in the GEARS franchise?!

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This might be it for PvP gaming in general! How can you fix situations like this with multiple different pings and servers going crazy at the same time and make the experience fair for everyone!!?

You’ll enjoy the game more if you turn off the kill cam.


OMG!!!:joy: the 3rd clip is the best example. With or with out the kill cam, the multiplayer experience online has been unfair, frustrating, and kinda funny. I know the TC will address most of these issues and iron out the kinks

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I think its a good feature. Maybe it isn’t precisely correct after time. So what. You seen what happened n live action lol stop looking for things to complain about and just enjoy the game. The game play isn’t the same as Gears 4. A lot of ppl havent adjusted to the new style of play and are becoming frustrated with the game and look for reasons to dislike the game lol grow up. Get better. Or get off. God bless!

Think you’re missing the point of the post but thats ok. I agree this is nothing like gears 4 but i am ok with this what i am irritated with is the whole connectivity thing being dog ■■■■. The game has great bones and i think we just have to wait for TC to put more support updates out that iron out the kinks, i do have hope for this game :slight_smile:

Terrible. If you consider the the broken killcam in regards to bullet indication, both 2D and on the enemy Player skin, you don’t have any clue what really happened. If kill cam is broken you can’t trust the bullet indications either. 3 systems to fix a problem… And they don’t solve it at all… It’s just a solution to have a solution. How about giving us a good solution? Devs can say that they at least tried and pull them self out of this affair… Sigh. Just make the killcam true to the gameplay.

It goes both ways with the kill cam and the same with the percentages they added. This game was not ready for release and was rushed just to put the game out there. Hit detection is also garbage as well as the latency. I can’t even get comfortable in the game due to these problems.

God forbid if they released the game when it was ready.

I can understand why they don’t want an Oct-Nov launch cause that’s usually when CoD releases their latest game and no one wants to compete with them. Id rather TC would get their game right at launch then put it out early and say “It’ll get better”