So, the 'atwar' losers are going by 'm8 1 v x me' now?

Come on guys… don’t be so pathetic…


Me v? I confuse


Those guys… I faced them when I was going solo so I knew we would lose, but I wanted to see how they were in 1V’s.
Lolololol :rofl:
I don’t even consider myself anything more than “decent” but the smackage was real. Vicious just ended up avoiding me and Monster kept calling friends over to cross while he had his “1V”.

I’ll give them credit though, they put down the aimbot for that match. I’m positive of that because they couldn’t land a gnasher shot.

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m8 1 v x me

That’s very uncharacteristic for them. They avoid 1v1s and scrims like the plague. I’ve also never seen them play on alts. Why do you think it’s them?

I think their new fad is ‘bot-walking’…

As for aim? Likely using off and on. Some of their stuff was noticeably bonkers and then other times they were hot garbage. I’ve played a few times when they have it shut off completely and they are …how do we put this…

After the match they were their usual douchelordy selves and that gave it away as to who they were. They denied it and tried saying they were AngryFPS and his crew…

Tough sell, considering everyone Angry plays with knows how to spell past a 5th grade level, they don’t act like douchelords, and … well… Angry was playing escalation on twitch stream at the same time… lol.


Was a KOTH match.


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