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So TC you enjoy shooting yourself in the foot?

At this point cut your losses delete gears 5 and go back to 4. It feels like im playing a damn alpha test its so bad. Dont agree? Do me a favor play gears 4 then come back to 5 its abysmal That someone thought this was a finished product.

PS. Love the micro transactions in a fully priced game i know gears 4 had them but you could earn all the skins with exception to the esports stuff through the credits for loot boxes system


The only thing that ever feels finished in a modern day game, is the store. That’s always working as intended, while the rest of the game, eh…

Gears 5, unfortunately, is no exception. The Versus experience has felt more like a beta than a finished product. Couple that with the horrible Mtx and you’ve got yourself a pretty disappointing and forgettable Gears game.


Well said its so sad the corporate greed has such a tight grip on gaming as a whole right now


Cosmetic microtransactions are really nothing to complain about. They are optional and have no effect on the gameplay, and there are plenty of earnable unlocks with more coming constantly.

The gameplay is on point and I could not be happier.


It absolutely feels like a beta.


I’m curious, have you played the previous Gears of War games before?


Of course there is always one who will defend greed. The game is not working properly but the store is so they can keep making money.


Easily pleased then😁


Or just stay playing Gears 4
Dont give them a smile while they see that someone decided to play Gears 5.
My guess is there is between 1 000 - 2 500 players per day, we need to lower that number


I gave up on the MP, escape is my go to now.

The long list of problems have done the damage, they can fix it all but it wont bring most back.



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I’m so pissed off with this game and gears is the only game I play…


Best thing I can tell you is not to settle. Go out and find another game to play. Come back if the game is worth it.


ive started playing mount and blade warband : viking conquest once again and that game feels more polished than gears 5 does

I’ve tried other games… I don’t really enjoy them but I only play for a couple of hours on the weekend and rarely get a good ping game or a full game without people leaving… I might just give it in altogether tbh but I’ve hoping this change things up real soon man

the bigger issue isnt that it feels like a beta…

its that this was supposed to be the sequel they would bring to the table, finally to secure themselves, “the coalition” as a worthy company to work on a title such that is gears of war. This game clearly was a flop, no update can fix this flop, you would need an entirely new release. Please pass the torch Rod, ryan, and whoever else decided to change the formula of gears.


gears 4 had better maps that went with the gameplay and movement that required more skill because evasion gears 5 is alright but it feels slow in comparison and by default i believe it has some sort of auto aim in versus


100% agree. Been playing G5 since launch. Last night decided to hop back on 4. What a difference!
It’s like they completely scrapped G4 and started over from scratch when they made G5. Why the hell would dev’s do that? You already had WORKING code for G4, just build upon that.

It really is night and day.


Some times thing don’t pan out as you wanted them to do :rofl:


Had a blast on 4 last night. No idea what they were thinking with all these bad changes