So TC.. Tell me.. Why no love the Hammer of Dawn in Vs?

If I remember correctly not a single Gears 4 map had the HOD in it, not even maps that traditionally had it like Fuel Depot. And so it continues in Gears 5…

As far as I’m aware, the Hammer of Dawn was a fan favorite weapon and very unique to Gears so why not include it in ANY of the VS maps?? (I’m a KOTH player by the way so if it appeared in any other games modes ignore my lil rant)

Seriously feel like they need to show this Gears staple WAY more love. It’s even in the Campaign so the weapon IS in the game… they (TC) just think that we don’t wanna use it in versus for some reason…

Anyone else miss it or just me??


Yeah it should be in gears pvp for definite.

The Mace is bad enough.

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I dunno, it was kind of broken in Gears 3 on Azura and Sandbar with some inconsistent audio and visual bugs with the targeting laser.

I think it would really bog down the flow of most maps we have currently, it’s already bad with team rifle play don’t need a giant area denial power weapon.

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The HoD in the campaign is more ridiculous than the older versions, it literally has no targeting time. Would be very OP

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I wish the mortar, hammer of dawn, digger, and the ink nades made a comeback


Yh it’s OP but so are pretty much all the ‘Power’ weapons… but with a little balancin… plus you always had it on maps with snipers . Id take it over the Mace any day. Plus like I said, it’s a weapon unique to Gears. Not sayin every map should have it but if it’s one thing the Gears maps need it’s variety…

Fond memories of the HOD on…
Fuel Depot
Roof Tops
Tryo Station
Sand Bar
Court Yard
…what else?:thinking:

Ahh the good ol days…:disappointed:

And +1 for Mortar, Digga, Ink aswell as the Boom Shield & One Shot. Never thought Id miss the 1shot but featuring it in only one Gears game was a shame

Don’t know why when they bring back some classic maps, they can’t just include the classic weapons along with them. Just a thought TC :wink: :wink::wink::wink::wink: x1000

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