So sbmm is playing a full stack vs solos every game?

I can’t tell you how many times I have played a full team running solo and before you ask…most of my friends quit this game along with everyone else.

I main ffa/2v2 because of this but it’s just pathetic tbh

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Same here, most matches are against 4 man stacks, not slightly fair to play like that. And the same argument will pop up, not enough people to split the matchmaking


I play solo sometimes and it varies what I get

One thing is for sure, stacks don’t matter in Control or Guardian


While I don’t have an issue with it, I am running into more stack than normal. It used to be I would get a good few solo matches in and then hit a stack later on, but now it’s the other way around.

Stop players switching teams to outnumber opponents 5 to 2 as well, like GOW4 did because it unbalanced teams.
I know players need wins as COG and Swarm but switching to gain an advantage should be stopped.


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Matchmaking is by far the worst it’s ever been. Lopsided. SBMM isn’t working from what I can tell.

I’m either slaying people or getting slayed, rarely an in between close encounter like the ranked days.


Skill Based Match Making … SBMM


Yea it does when you can coordinate to get power weapons. How often does a team that get boom shot every respawn loses?


I’ve been in duos and all solo players against stacks. Theoretically they have an advantage if they’re partied and communicating but I beat them maybe 7/10

Depends on the skill level of you, your teammates, and the opposing team. Just because you see a stack doesn’t mean they’re good; they just searched together

SBMM doesn’t even try to find balanced matches, it tries to make you lose.


Ok we’re talking about stacks around the solo players skill level. In my case I’m not winning 1v2/3 at boom shot while getting smoked and flashed out. Flat out strats being ran against me as well as being ganged entire games. Idk you may be some god at the game that can handle those easily

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Maybe you’re getting unlucky with teammates?

No but close, jk.
I can win 1v2’s, but I keep tabs on weapons, if all shots have been used, who and how many players are dead, etc.

either way the boomshot is easily avoidable, I know I can eat a shot of it too since the blast radius is not what it used to be

Stacked teams in Free For All are the worst. I have to 1v7 most of the time. My teammates are practically nonexistent.

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:rofl: like if they like to complain so bad, I have a simple fix: create a looking for group post, and get yourself a group and play some TDM or whatever game mode you like. If you’re running a TEAM based mode by yourself, that’s on you. You can literally create a group post and play with others to avoid feeling like “everyone is against me”

Yep. It’s why I don’t touch Control unless I’m with someone. The matchmaking is hilariously bad.

You stack, you play solos. You solo, you play stacks.

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There’s a reason Control is part of Esports now. It’s a mode that requires teamwork,



Quite the opposite.