So quick lore question regarding the Stalker Kantus


(xValtiel) #1

Just wondering if TC thought of how high they are up in the Locust army regarding power? Are they higher than an Armored Kantus? Lower than a Theron Sentinel? What exactly is their job?

(xFribbo) #2

I see them as the Onyx Guard of the Locust.

(xValtiel) #3

Maybe. I saw the Theron Elite as exactly that and now I don’t know anymore lol. Their name kinda implies they’re more stealthy/assassin oriented.

(DLCarr17) #4

Go onto Twitter and ask @Parasidian He will be able to answer that question for you if there is an answer at all.

(xValtiel) #5

I hardly use Twitter and I had to dust off my account after forgetting some log in stuff but I took your advice and shot him the question. How reliable is this guy? It says he’s a “lore guy” but has he worked for them or is he working for them now?

(xFribbo) #6

Very reliable and yes to all of that, if you need an answer for anything related to lore within Gears, he’s your go-to guy.

(xValtiel) #7

From what i recall that MP skin doesn't really have any lore relevance, at least to my knowledge. It was created to be a less bulky and sleeker looking variant of the Armored Kantus.

— Andrew Morava (@Parasidian) January 10, 2019

So I got a response. Unfortunately there’s nothing to them atm :confused:

(Bleeding Pepper) #8

On a similar note, do we have any official lore on the Savage Locust characters that never appeared in GOW3 or Judgement like the Savage Marauder; Savage Grenadier Elite; Savage Kantus; and Savage Hunter?

Obviously it’s fair to say that they were just part of the Savage Locust like the Savage Drone and Savage Grenadier are, but these two actually appeared in the campaign. Did the other characters appear in the comics at all? I had a look on the Gears Wikia page and there’s not really anything that is referenced.

In a way, I kinda see them as being like the Stalker Kantus - they’re kinda canon characters, but also kinda not because (I think) they’ve not appeared in any canon form - they’re kinda just a design of a character for Versus. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong - don’t follow the expanded universe like books and comics in any detail.