So quick lore question regarding the Stalker Kantus

Just wondering if TC thought of how high they are up in the Locust army regarding power? Are they higher than an Armored Kantus? Lower than a Theron Sentinel? What exactly is their job?

I see them as the Onyx Guard of the Locust.

Maybe. I saw the Theron Elite as exactly that and now I don’t know anymore lol. Their name kinda implies they’re more stealthy/assassin oriented.

Go onto Twitter and ask @Parasidian He will be able to answer that question for you if there is an answer at all.


I hardly use Twitter and I had to dust off my account after forgetting some log in stuff but I took your advice and shot him the question. How reliable is this guy? It says he’s a “lore guy” but has he worked for them or is he working for them now?

Very reliable and yes to all of that, if you need an answer for anything related to lore within Gears, he’s your go-to guy.

From what i recall that MP skin doesn't really have any lore relevance, at least to my knowledge. It was created to be a less bulky and sleeker looking variant of the Armored Kantus.

— Andrew Morava (@Parasidian) January 10, 2019

So I got a response. Unfortunately there’s nothing to them atm :confused:

On a similar note, do we have any official lore on the Savage Locust characters that never appeared in GOW3 or Judgement like the Savage Marauder; Savage Grenadier Elite; Savage Kantus; and Savage Hunter?

Obviously it’s fair to say that they were just part of the Savage Locust like the Savage Drone and Savage Grenadier are, but these two actually appeared in the campaign. Did the other characters appear in the comics at all? I had a look on the Gears Wikia page and there’s not really anything that is referenced.

In a way, I kinda see them as being like the Stalker Kantus - they’re kinda canon characters, but also kinda not because (I think) they’ve not appeared in any canon form - they’re kinda just a design of a character for Versus. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong - don’t follow the expanded universe like books and comics in any detail.

I HIGHLY doubt TC is putting any time into lore for all these variants. It’s probably much more like, “make it look good and slap it on the marketplace”.


Savage Kantus, Savage Grenadier Elites, and Savage Marauders/Raiders are all canon. However, Gears 3’s dev time was borderline rushed. They had a lot to do, a lot to make, and limited space on the disk. Game design, especially for AAA titles, tends to be barely-controlled chaos. That game pushed the 360 to its known limits.

In short, there just wasn’t enough time or resources (one or the other, or both) to polish up those characters and add them to the already intensive Act 2 chapters. The character models were still kept around and polished up to use for multiplayer. Since the Savage Kantus (and I believe the SGE) were included as preorder bonuses, they might have been finished on time but were cut from campaign due to other constraints.

In multiplayer, Savage Grenadier Elite’s character description was that they’re the warlords of some savages. Savage Kantus were said to have a different scream than a normal Kantus, but we’ll never know; they might have dual-wielded Boltoks in the campaign for all we know. (I’ve never read the multiplayer descriptions for the Marauder/Raider types)


I would’ve loved to see that in action for the savage kantus, disappointed that they didn’t have time for it.

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Maybe the Armored Kantus chant was supposed to be the original Savage Kantus chant. That would be my guess.

You could not be more wrong.

This is just one example that proves The Coalition takes great strides to live by the lore.

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Therefore, Gearsmas is a real, in-universe holiday.

I said ALL. So, every single skin has lore attached to it? So youre telling me that Luchador man has Gears lore?

He’s the true Mexicano :laughing:

Imagine if the Luchador outfit relates to Kait’s comment in Act 1 that Oscar “taught me how to fight. He’s lucky I even speak to him anymore!” Christ, that would be an image! Oscar in his rubber costume wrestling Kait! :neutral_face:

Please don’t make me imagine Luchador Oscar in this or any other context ever again


That wasnt a backpedal at all homie. You posted up 1 link for 1 skin. Lol. Cmon man

NCOG Marine
UIR Indie
Merchant Navy Dizzy
Outer Wilds Kait
Palace Guard
Every comic character skin
Every campaign skin
Every returning classic skin

Do you want to keep pretending that your blanket statement wasn’t a blanket statement, maybe move the goalposts one more time? This is a molehill, not a hill to die on. When you want to save face, the mature answer is to admit “I misspoke,” and/or “I only meant certain skins, like Colorblast, Diamond, Black Steel and such.”

But if you want to argue endlessly and never ever be wrong: