So question about hive buster Marcus

Does Marcus have that same tattoo on both biceps or just on the right arm cause in gears 3 he had it on both arms so what’s canon? Lol

Gears 3 is right
Gears 5 is wrong

…on everything :+1:


In Gear’s 3 campaign he only has the tattoo shown on his right arm. However on his Gears 3 “Unarmored Marcus” mp variant he has it on both arms. So the Hivebuster placement is faithful to Gears 3’s campaign depiction of it which would be the canon one.


In Gears 3 & 4 campaign, it’s only on his right arm. The only reason unarmored Marcus had it on both arms in Gears 3 is because they duplicated his right arm and mirrored it for the left side for ease of removing the armor plate on his left arm. In Gears UE, they corrected this with the unarmored Marcus model. Canon is that the tattoo is only on the right arm.

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I hope he returns to the store real soon. It really sucks I missed out on getting him.