So people are going into control settings and putting it on single stick to win

It’s all over groups online on several platforms forms people showing and telling people how to put their controller setting to single stick which is pretty much like having an aim bot. I’ve seen it more and more every day people exploiting this. Since the post was made on Facebook It’s getting ridiculous

So this is what you’re teaching on your spam Facebook link ayy

Well, see you on your next topic as I don’t expect you to come back to your own again lol


Also, unless I’m mis-interpreting the post, it seems as well that the issue that is being raised here has been an issue for well over a year, single stick was discussed in Op4 as a problem (at least from what I remember, it may have been even longer).

That’s what makes it even funnier for me.

Like is it an actual issue or is it a I can’t do it so fix it so no one else can type of issue? lol.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what it was nor heard of it until couple months ago. I think it just depends on the skill of the player or OP getting bested every time.

I remember some video of a guy using this with 1 turn speed while bouncing on harbour. Everything looked fine.

But who cares anyway🤔

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For the majority of players Single Stick is a detriment.

It’s like having a ghost in your controller that constantly autocenters your screen making you miss easy shots.

Ideally Single Stick has the autocenter removed, but right now it’s worse for almost everyone who tries using it because of how you have to play the game while using it.

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I’m getting more and more convinced that this really is @SnubbbS alt


I told snubbsy this and he agreed

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I think its just an issue arising from the option being offered, its supposed to help people with disabilities be able to play but it’s being used to gain an advantage in some way.

I don’t know how, I’ve never used it and don’t know how it benefits people, but it has been a prominent issue for a decent amount of time.

But anyone can use it in theory, so if you don’t want to use it, that’s kinda on you, but that’s where we are.

It’s hard to see it as an issue, to be honest. I’ve used it myself in the past, but I just prefer dual sticks and didn’t see my performance improve greatly or help me beat better players. I don’t know, that’s just me and can only speak from my own experience.

If you lose to single stick, uninstall

I don’t even understand how single stick works.

Goldeneye 64 was single stick and that game is a pain in the ■■■ to play now.