So now that your boosts run out will you still play?

Unless you got the game late, pretty much everyone’s boost has run out… You still gonna play? Not as much? Move on? Play even more??

I’ve already been playing less. Boost doesn’t make a difference.

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I’m going to buy a ton of boost and keep on playing!

…for real I am.



boosts for what to show ranks to other 300 players in the world that do not care


I’ll play as much as possible. Once December 1st drops I’m coming off xbox full stop till boxing day. Then will play along side cod.
Haven’t looked at cod multilayer so not sure what it’s like but if I don’t enjoy it I’ll be back on gears only again

It all depends on what’s being offered for OP 2 and if other games have better content. Not to mention that my sub runs out in mid December and I haven’t decided if I’m going to renew it yet. At the moment PS4 is holding my attention with better games and content. Not to mention that the newest Warframe event is coming soon to consoles. It’s in Cert right now, which means maybe in the next week.
I won’t get to general, I haven’t played enough to get there and since I’m an average player I had a feeling I wouldn’t make it anyway. Especially with how often the double star events broke and the aniversary weekend being less than stellar.
I’m not holding my breath for better things at the moment, I’m sure my face would turn purple if I did.

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I’m going to stock up on Rockstar energy drinks, take the codes and dump them out. The drinks are less expensive for me than buying boost from the store because I use them one at a time only on Saturdays rather than needing to buy a bunch in middle of week in order to get a discount.

Don’t care for boost. So they won’t be getting a single dime from me on that end.

Only thing that would keep me around is how OP2 will turn out. If there’s not enough compelling rewards in that, I’m out. The game is as inconsistent as it has ever been, and the ranking system is all over the place, even after the “fix”. So OP2 is all that is left in my case.


much less after finishing ToD, even more after getting all the medals done.

Why out of interest?

Got some big loads to haul? :rofl:
Still need to do a horde game with you :+1:

No way I’m spending extra money on Boost. Mine ran out a couple of days ago.

I’ve got a spare 30 day Boost code which I’m saving til Operation 2, but this is from the Ultimate Edition of the game I bought (I had another 30 day Boost which I have used from the Ultimate Game Pass).

I will play loads more and spend £750 In the store if they abolish boost and publicly beg for an apology for outright taking the ?!$$ outa us with this dirty predatory system aimed at squeezing us outa $£€ during artificial timers

I had about 15 days of boost left when I stopped playing. Ranking up means nothing to me. Who knows when I will return to the game. Maybe in 2020 sometime.

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Last I checked, it was sitting at two and a half Stars. You could copy and paste most of the reviews for Gears 5, a whole lot of complaints that they turned it into a camping noob Fest in order to cater to the Casual audience at the expense of the core.


Just got the standard edition and only played a quick game 1st week of release so I would get Sarah Connor and Terminator.

Been playing with no boost practically and only rank 80 lol

I’ll still keep playing even when this Boost runs out(have about 22 days left - for some reason not known to me I’d started with around about 55 days of it on September 6th and had another 30 days to add to that when my physical copy of the game arrived a day later). Even with the issues I have with this game… partially because of me currently not having interest in anything else out there, or waiting for things to go into full release(like Subnautica Below Zero). Have some spare(free) Iron leftover too so I’m considering getting some more of it if any of the Operation 2 characters require me to earn XP for them. Or just to level those characters once they are unlocked. But otherwise, I’m not planning to get any further of this stuff, even if it means leveling for reups is going to be cut in half. If they want my money, it should be through other ways than a system purposedly designed to make you level up slower without that fancy booster.

Why would someone stop playing bc their boost ran out? Lol.


Heh. Exactly. Some people still play despite the poor weapon tuning, poor matchmaking, lag, microtransactions - but running out of Boost is where they might stop playing? :grinning:


I know right, imagine

I do draw a line at it’s very existence tho

Because they spent money and, even if they hate it, they’re damn sure to get their money’s worth…I guess?