So now that Trinity Skorge Season reward is over

What’s the bar here? To me a ‘decent’ player is like Gold 3 - Onyx 2. Not that much of a leap to Diamond and Masters since it’s more about how much you play.

Idk I think just the phrase “…players.” has killed me and I’ve been here dying of laughter the last ten minutes. Because I somehow came up reading it in that very above-it all, Old Man Kratos voice?

I suppose nowadays the bar is wherever any given person decides they want it to be. I give more credibility to the GOW4 system. While it wasn’t perfect, there was no doubt you had to be a great player to get diamond, especially playing solo.

In GOW5, I’m seeing people with masters banners and 1 k/d and 1 w/l ratios. I know there could potentially be other reasons why a great player would have such mediocre stats, but I see it often enough and playing against these players I know there is nothing special going on with their skill. In GOW4, I felt I knew when I was playing a diamond tier player, especially diamond master.

Another reason could be that I’ve just simply gotten better at the game since then and so my bar is higher than it was. I doubt that’s all of it though because masters banners are so common now that people don’t even care to use them anymore.

You’re 100% correct in that analysis, good sir. I literally laughed out loud typing it. Usually that means I’m the only one who thought something was funny. Thank you, Buster. I’m your fan.

The game decided you were too good for masters. And so you got to keep your dignity.

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